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In this thread we discuss why people who don't answer: Fuck Louise, Marry Shana, Kill Taiga are retarded.
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I would rather kill myself than fuck or marry any of them.
That's not the point of the game you retard.
I hate when people confuse Shana with those violent tsunderes. Her image has been tainted

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Show me your moves, /a/.
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I hope you youngsters don't mind if an old woman like me let's loose!
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New chapter out on the 24th
Volume 38 is coming out on July 18th
Volume 39 is coming out in Japan later this year
Season 2 starts April 7th
Season 2 PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbx0PAsWiKw
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berserk is dead
Dub footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI7FqvX21eI
No Marc or Cam Clark
marsh 24??
u srs?

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This is a man and you're GAY for wanting to fuck it.
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No I'm not, I'm in Kurisu's team.
I'm okay with that.

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What you think about One punch man?
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Very one note, joke runs thin very quickly but they keep doing it, other than that just another forgettable shonen

Anime's not worth watching, manga is superb solely for the art
bald faggot that cannot die
he's the best he's not afraid of anything

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Just bang my dream up, senpai.
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Remember when mods would ban people for posting ann clickbait? I miss those days.
Arisa is top poppin'
Poopin' party is trash anyway, I'm glad this shit is flopping.

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ITT: The most pretentious anime you've seen.
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Elfen lied is more edgy than pretentious. Death Note is the most pretentious shit I've seen. It's was an insult to my intelligence.
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>reads Descartes First and Second Meditations
>stops there and makes an entire anime based on a rudimentary understanding of it
neon gnesis evangelion

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What is this garbage, delete this.
I want B, a big soft mummy who will spoil me!
wtf is this american cartoon shit

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forgotten historical trace
Overrated, especially the music.

Who would handle there drinks like a champ?
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Mero drinks like a... she drinks a lot.
No chapter for 2 months. You don't need a general.
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Horse, Cow, Ogre, and Oni can probably just drink until everyone else has passed out. Sheep could probably handle more beer than a normal person I think, but nowhere near as mush as above.
I want to say Miia could actually take in a fair amount before being too wasted just from sheer body mass.
Mero's aquatic biology might make it hard for her to get drunk as if in water she will dehydrate much, much slower than others.
Papi and Suu would be intoxicated extremely fast.
Lala I think is no different than any other girl. Might over do it on a very chunni high content drink to show off.
Rachnera is weird though. Alcohol may not effect her, but from what was shown by the Lamia tea and Kinos spores she might have very good tolerance to being altered, it won't hit her quite as hard.

God damn this series needs a drunk episode.

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>best anime of the decade so far was aired in the very first week of the decade

That's disappointing.
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Who are you quoting?
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so true anon, pic very related
Please stop this. People hate Madoka enough already.

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Why are lolis so verboten?
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Their violence.
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These threads only get made when loli threads get deleted.
Ad revenue

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Will she ever return?
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Remember Haruhi? She's back... in pachinko form.

I thought /a/ loved this shit, yet there's no thread.
What gives?
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We had one. Search the archive.
>17 posts
Does this mean that no one is actually watching the hottest shit out there right now?
We had multiple ones. One where tl anon dumped the link for the tl when he was finished translating it.

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What's the closest you came to finishing an anime before dropping it?
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Funny you should mention Uchuu Kyouday..
Went a good 2/3 of the way through before dropping it.
Did pick it up years later and enjoy it very much, though
I watched the first 22 episodes of SnK but never ended it
Got about 3/4 through Samurai Champloo before I realized I was bored and dropped it.

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