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It's not ending, right?
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Are you brave enough to have sex with a Lovecraft abomination?
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If it has tits it can be fucked.
I'd go insane on her ass
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11th seiyu awards

Anyone watching or following
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>Rookie award

Ari Ozawa
Sayaka Senbongi
Minami Tanaka
>male rookie

Setsuo Ito
Yuma Uchida
Yusuke Kobayashi
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>Singing award


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When will sports anime be good again?
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>Ping Pong
Yawara is not a good anime.
>ping pong
>kuroko no basuke
>baby steps

this is literally the best decade for sports anime

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Is it safe to say the series has finally resumed? Will it ever finish?
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Not possible. Eri doesn't love Harima as of the end of the manga.

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So, who is the biggest social failure, /a/?
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Casca's rape in Berserk felt like such lazy writing.

Yes, I get it, the world of Berserk is "dark." But there are other ways to victimize a person and make a villain out of someone else (the rest of the Eclipse showed that).

People like to defend all the rape scenes in Berserk as showing how BRUTAL the world is, because "that's how it was in the medieval ages!" But I'm pretty sure the medieval ages weren't filled with demon horses consciously raping women.
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Berserk without the rape isn't worth the read

It wasn't rape if she enjoyed it.
Well then what the fuck would you replace it with?
Killing her doesn't make her a drooling burden on Guts, and just "destroying her mind" some other way isn't nearly as personal as raping his lover. If anything the eclipse was the most appropriate use of rape in Berserk.

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What is the reason why so many modern anime are pretty much deny the existence of men?
They don't even exist as background characters.

I don't know but I think we can all blame KyoAni and K-On! for the poor state of male representation in anime.
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Because girls are pure blank slates.
Denying it and ignoring it are not the same. That's like saying any show not set in Africa is denying its existence.
Why do you give a shit about male representation in anime? Especially in anime about cute girls?
Because it's boring.

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Stupid sexy spider.

Also it was all just a dream right? Who cares what you do in a dream, just mess around all you want and kill stuff etc. It'll be a fun thing to remember when it's all over. RIP Natsume.
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They have better Waifus.
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where is this from?
Can't be worse than Kimchi shit at least.
>wanting chinese sluts

Anime incoming.

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Now a Yagakimi adaptation can make it the true year of yuri
>JC Staff
>the exact same team of OG Wixoss
>Another boring as shit yuri HS sol
No thanks.

Fuuka will get trucked for real next episode after deciding to rejoin the band.

Screencap this post. When I'm right(which is absolutely), I want you all to eat your own shit.
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By skipping the one semi-decent part of the manga and starting in the middle, you mean? Yeah, that was a great decision.
>the one semi-decent part of the manga
But that's not the SoL part after Haruto and Yuzuki got together.

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When will this movie be subbed and torrentable?
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When you stop touching yourself.
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ball is life help me out famalams

Has /a/ seen it yet? Was it any good?
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If you're a fan of SAO in general you will enjoy it. It's not terrible as a standalone movie but it's basically fan service crack for light novel readers
Pretty damn good, SAO at its best. Top notch visuals, animation, music and even the story was enjoyable.

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Nobody asked for this.

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Nobody asked for UQ to begin with
It was all a mistake from the beginning. Akamatsu should've made a real Negima sequel instead of this timeskip bullshit.

The anime is by JC Staff, by the way.
I thought Kirie had orange hair. Why the fuck is Makie there? I guess Ken will never get a good adaptation of his work.

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