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Volume 5 of 9.
Totally forgot about this, sorry.
Please remember to bump the thread because OPs can't do that anymore.
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More Kazumass edits for this wonderful thread!
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>No Aqua in the OP
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>it just ends with no hint at an s3
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Remember, aqua allowed and encouraged this
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Was she overflowing like a waterfall?
Why doesn't he just stick it in her.
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Based hiro

World Class
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World Class Dragon Tits

A literal bakemonoppai
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best dragon
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Elma focus ep when

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is anyone unironically excited for this chapter?
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>not a SanjixNami chapter
I still think Pudding is going to 180 again and join the strawhats
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my feet hurt.gif
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>Carrot and Nami bathing scene
When the fuck are spoiler pics out

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>only one episode left of the AOTS
wtf I hate Japan now
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In what horrifying dimension is an Isekai show AOTS?
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we all know what the true anime of the season is.
oh, console yourself. Go watch, I don't know, non non biyori or something.

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What will Galliard's human form look like?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Post Gabi now
Okay, so let's see

Armored Titan's special power - armor
Colossal Titan's special power - being a big guy for you
Femme-presenting Titan's special power - tits to distract (de facto) 95% of the enemy force (the guys) + play Damsel in Distress to summon Whiteknigths (regular titans; just like whiteknights in real life, they try to rape her when they get the chance to get their reward for whiteknighting)
Beast Titan's special power - obviously quite a lot of them
Jew Titan's special power - he controls the media
Mule Titan's special power - the *actual* titan with super speed, faster than anyone else
Attack Titan's special power - strong attack
Procreator Titan's special power - good at procreating, can control titans directly and far better than anyone else

so pray tell

what special power, something that none of the above do better, did the fugly hobo that ate Marcel have, hmm? what was Marcel's power

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It's a boy.
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Dick only makes it better.
And gross. Seriously disgusting. People who find this attractive are truly degenerates.
Can confirm. I'm a degenerate and I find this attractive.

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Lucky numba 4.jpg
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Take poll
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First for boss
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4 get.jpg
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>poll link ends in 4
N-no thanks...
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How will the stands look in the live action movie? Full CGI? Actor mixed with CGI?

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Which of these was the biggest asspull though?
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The only real asspull is Killua's relationship with Alluka.
alluka 100%
Gon-san will only be an asspull if he manages to regain all his nen eventually.

Incest is immor(t)al
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Mickey is immortal
Kirino is cute! CUTE!!
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Incest is gods gift to siblings. The ultimate sibling bonding method

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This cucumber will move into Darling's house by the end of 2017 and nothing you do can stop it
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What if May, June and July's chapters are all about the Black Slime, August is another break, then September, October, November are about confronting the Broker, then December is another break, and the year ends without Darling having gone home?
Doubt it, I was certain this vampire drama was gonna go on another chapter but I was all wrapped in this one. Seems crab is looking to finish this arc off already.

Also reminder that Rachnera has not been in the manga for 6 straight months now
I could see her being a temporary guest. If she were to be permanent I don't think it would turn out well.
That seems like a reasonable schedule, but I home the broker/danger stuff ends within this next volume, 52-54.
If it is a slime, then there is little reason for Rachnera to show up. Slime can't be webbed so Crab will be unable to use her as a quick plot fix. Perhaps some minor interaction with Kyurii?

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First for jobhan
Second for Jobhan
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Can you die from multiple orgasms?
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Yes, Bible Black among many other VNs taught me you could.
Alright the Lucoa stuff was getting old but this got a good laugh out of me.
Only if you have a weak heart, extremely high blood pressure or are at significant risk of seizures.

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