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Is she the objectively worst girl this anime season?
I mean jesus christ, Slutneki is so awful that she even nearly managed to ruin the MCs budding Relationships in the other two routes.
How is that even possible?
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is that the legit dialogue?
what do you think..
I would imagine it isn't but I haven't seen seiren and I've seen lots of posts about tsuneki being a slut so I'm not sure

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Oy Anon pick a power or weapon already. I ain't got all day you know. And no picking me either. The last NEET that tried that drug me through all kinds of crap
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I was going to pick Eris anyway.
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The power to turn into a cute girl. I'll just fuck my way up to the Demon Lord.
Make me a succubus. I'll managa.

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that ghost was sexy as fuck, post more
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It ended.

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this gives you the chance to get yourself a good sense of humor.
Follow Konosuba's example and end it
>babbys first anime
fuck off

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Starting in ten minutes. Get in here.
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Episode PV
Oh shit.
Completly forgot
Time for more Lolis

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Just watched pic related and liked it very much. Let's have a Parasyte thread. What does /a/ think of it?
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I read the manga because /a/ insisted it was better. Later found out that there's basically no difference between the two.
On a whim I started it as it came out and was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time. Loved it. I want more
They fucked

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So I'm watching the Little Busters and the foreigner girl pointed at where her russian grandpa lives.
That's not Russia you fucking morons, and in the english dub she speaks with a russian accent, even if she was a russian living in Latvia or Lithuania, she wouldn't have a thick russian accent.
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>Caring about Latvia, Lithuania, or Russia
You should kill yourself.
Isn't Kaliningrad somewhere over there?
yep that's it there.

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Violet Evergarden CM.jpg
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We finally have a review from someone who has read both novels.
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It's over, KA Esuma is finished.

>It is such a wonderful book that makes me want to love more and more as I write this post.

>But I can’t.

>This novel when taken as a whole is so flawed I cannot recommend this book to anyone. Nobody. Even people who are interested in it.
what's with the nier automata

Why aren't you watching AOTS, /a/?
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Because eyebrows is the only good thing about it.
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>when the side characters are more interesting than the main ones

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Genki loli or the shy loli?

Which one is better?
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Genki loli are the best for fuck, shy loli are for marrying.
Normally I'd say shy but, in this particular case, and even though Tina was really cute in the show, I have to go for Enju. Her cheeky but cheerful personality really won me over.
I can see her vagina bone. Almost looks like nopan too

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This is a vampire
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Where is the nipples?
Why is she so smug?
Because she knows you wouldn't last a minute inside her.

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>Guys are highly sexualized.
>Women walking with their tits out is the norm
>Job roles are flipped on its head and women are seen as strong breadwinners
>Men having their asses grabbed in the workplace by wimminz
>Everyone is a tomboy
My fucking dick can only get so hard. Why is this year so good?
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what is this?
The name is literally the title..
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It's a non-h adaption of a hentai manga.

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Daiz anime got a PV.
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>Baldy MC
Japan has fallen so low. Burn all skinheads. I hope this garbage flops.
Does the guy have cancer? Why is he bald? Anyway, the colouring in the PV makes the show look like some cheap hentai and it doesn't help that the animation is really stiff.
Add it to the list.

Alright, lads. How do we fix this?
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>crayon shinchan
wow, he's still exist?
Three more years until anime is killed for good. Thank you Abe.

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>skin and bones
>fat butt
Why is this allowed?
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It is good and right.
You are a philistine who does not understand the true beauty of booty.
Bow down and repent.
File: 1483161429509.jpg (81KB, 564x705px)Image search: [Google]
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>Bow down
Krul truly has the ideal body

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