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Wait a second

So they didn't actually fuck?
I just watched owari s2 and the walk me gently guy was right?
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Ragi def plowed her
I don't know man
She looks sounds and speaks like a virgin in owari2
Strangely enough, you'll never really know as Nisio deliberately avoids them doing anything sexual. I mean, it's very possibly implied, but they actually hardly do any lewds on-screen and considering that Crab has a bad history with sex it's kinda weird. It wouldn't be so jarring if Araragi didn't constantly lewd with Bat and other girls.

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watamote chapter 119
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What is so good about this? I've never read it
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Its unpedictable.
read it and find out

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I want him. I want him bad. Why is he so perfect?
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Fuck off Itsuwa
>hot girls all over him
>never fucks anyone
>knows he's a wanted man
>doesn't lift and train
>doesn't arm himself
>doesn't tax the British church for babysitting index
>bullies by bitches
>oblivious to everything
>literally Mr Asspull
>worst speeches ever
>LITERALLY downgrades characters around him

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you're name3.jpg
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Taki, why am I pregnant?
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Because i put benis in bagina
"It's okay I don't know who the father is either"
>when is due date
>look at calendar
>notice plot hole

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Who's next? Ueno?
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Unironically Danzo

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arthur gaz.jpg
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Arthur Gaz is the best antagonist.
He got killed on purpose, just to experience death, and he devised a plan to get resurrected with the help of cute girls, while having everything set up to rule again.
He kept his cool all the time until the very end.
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He killed little girls. He's a shit.
>Become the greatest wizard ever known
>Make random cute girls collect your body parts to resurrect you
>They all call you Daddy
I mean if this isn't the best plan ever devised, I don't know what is.
Chaika had a well written and wonderful plot.
And Fred is best girl.

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Post your favorite tomboy girl
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Isn't that a guy?
Yeah, it's cowboy bebop, though he doesn't seem to be at his computer.
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nope, ed is a cute girl

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Apocalypse Zero (1).png
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Don't you think I'd make a much better sweatheart for you...
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Apocalypse Zero (2).png
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Better than an ugly doll?
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Apocalypse Zero (3).png
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I feel like shitposting only intensified since the new notice

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ginga bishounen.jpg
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Is your galaxy still shining, /a/?
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I'm burning my youth and doing poses all the time if that counts.
Anyone have that galactic brofist image?

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clione no.png
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What does Minori suffer from?
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but why is she in hospital all of a sudden
File: o0600059213058367834.jpg (120KB, 600x592px)Image search: [Google]
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Maybe she's pregnant from the bullying.
That actually happens in Japanese middle schools.

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Remember, don't fall in love with your sister.
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Why not?
Why isn't all Digimon fanart this clean
File: 1497378418582.gif (1MB, 411x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Would you?

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what the fuck.png
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What the fuck happened to my comfy Manga about pregnancy? Fuck!
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If you haven't read the spoiler, drop that shit now. Should've ended with her giving birth.
It's dead, bitch boi.
what spoiler? did it end with ntr?

What is the difference of personality? Which one is the best?
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The real king arthur not queen altria
Arthur is legitimately the greatest Fate character and - incidentally - is also by far the most popular. His character is a tragic yet optimistic inversion of Saber that is far more relatable and fleshed-out: Artoria was a machine king who alienated those around her and collapsed under her own guilt over her failures, legitimate or otherwise. Her arc is coming to terms with her defeat and accepting it.

Arthur was a kind man who was a natural king that was betrayed because others were flawed. His issue is not the guilt of failure, but the regret of what was lost. Not once does he seek to undo his past because he knows he acted righteously and it was other's fault, he instead struggles with mourning his people and the realisation that as a king he has no purpose without a kingdom. Compared to Shirou teaching Artoria to feel with his dick, Ayaka inspiring Arthur to realise life has value even after such tragedy and that as a hero who shaped history the results of it are HIS responsibility is inspiring and far less corny. Their love too is better.

His fights are more interesting, his doubts more compelling, his series superior through his presence. His bromance with Arash should replace Cu/Emiya as THE bl pairing by next comiket also, God willing. Even the lore of his EXcalibur is better.

You can see his popularity exceeds her also based off how successful his gacha was compared to any of hers, and how Nasu feels no need to make endless rehashes of him to keep interest high. If you look at Pixiv you can see his art is exploding in number and is only off the radar because nips can't agree on how to spell his name - though an EOP would never think to check variations of it, so much like their dumb dislike of Fragments based off poor summaries their lack of appreciation for his popularity is understandable.

Arthur is what all of Fate has built up to AND is how it should have started. Cool how he brought it full circle, no?

Why this is not sexual harrasment in japan?
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>Why this is not sexual harrasment in japan
Source ?
because they understand that women have no rights
it's anime

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