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22 episodes starting October 14th
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>40+ episodes total
How the fuck is that even possible? Are they going for a complete adaptation? Isn't manga still ongoing?
How far will it adapt up to?
probably adapting up to the most current chapter

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don't remember this
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>SYD thread

I have been waiting for this
Ia ia ia ia ia...

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How did Captain Underpants get in this anime?
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You gotta know people.
>medium all about panties
>CU NOT getting an anime
How the FUCK did he get into UA anyway?

He's physically scrawny, cowardly, his Quirk is fucking balls, and he has a terrible public image.

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Is Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun secretaly an NTR Anime?
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More like Netori
This episode hit way too close to home
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She can't possibly lose right?

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Is it the best gambling anime ever made?

it has my vote.
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>Be Asian
>Make show about the joys of gambling addiction
Sometimes life imitates art.
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is way better as a gambling anime
does one outs count?

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So where did this "Goku is selfish and only cares about fighting" meme come from?
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He let the guy who leveled the whole island in this fight get away.
Goku sees the good in people and spares his enemies. Like isn't that what Naruto does?
That wasn't why. He admitted as much when he talked Krillin into not finishing Vegeta off.

Thoughts on subaru?
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Good car
useless idiot, but accurate to the type of person these shows usually star.
Wish he stayed PTSD. Ep 15 was the only good episode.

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Shame the show was fucking awful.
this, its like what if we made a cast with a bunch of interesting characters all of which could have their own spinoff series, then introduce some really cool shit and somehow spend the remaining 80% of the series driving everything into the fucking dirt with some of the worst writing in history.
wait that's not a girl!?

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I have never encountered anyone so obviously and unquestionably best girl in my life
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Well she wasn't a boring anime archetype, what more is there to want?
She's literally the most boring anime archetype ever
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002 .jpg
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Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.

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Will we ever see snake again?
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In your dreams snek is always waiting for you.
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Snake was the true hero of this episode. Roberto was going nuts and Hiraga just was going to leave him alone and be sad and rejected. Thankfully, snake stepped in to save their relationship. Snake was truly sent by GOD.
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Roberto should see his boyfriendo again.

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Anyone want to come to my eclipse party tomorrow?
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You guys seem pretty cool don't go to girffiths eclipse party tomorrow
No one has ever invited me to a party before.
Will there be snacks?

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overrated trash
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Mad u don't understand it?
trololo xdd
Damn son

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Guess I might as well

[Side] You can't look up.
74: Daki
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Two days before Tanjirou and the others infiltrated
Kyogoku House
[Side] Something weird in a feminine night.

"Could you please cut it out"

"Cut out what?"
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>those toes
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"There has been a number of girls getting hurt, losing their footing"
"And even committing suicide in this house"
"You seem to have bullied those girls to death, Warabihime"

"What a cruel thing to say, hostess"
"So you're not on my side here?"
"So you don't think the girls are at fault because they were pissing me off?"

"I've been ignoring everything for a while now"
"But you're crossing a line here..."
"I can't cover for you"

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Who would win?
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The public
My dick

What had you anons accomplished by the time you reached 23?
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I'm a virgin, 27, jobless, and still living with my parents. On the bright side, I finally graduate in a few months so there's that.
At 23 I was ending my 5 year binge of neetdom
I only started dancing at 25, so less than him.
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A lot of nothing.

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