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>4D chess
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That's pretty fucked up.
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The world is going to change
>Togashi changed Sale-sale from a chubby long-haired NEET with a harem to a swole Chad with a fuckboi cut
Can't be agreeing with this one desu

>Hello! We're here to save anime!
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Then why haven't you had a good project since K-On?
I'm getting withdrawal. VEG can't come soon enough.

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So our Admin was in an anime, wow.
He literally became 2D.
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So? He's still a filthy Japanese.

I thought we were all American based here. They fucked with us back in WW2.
It literally took me under 30 seconds to find it. Apply yourself.
Not him but I don't want to watch every anime of every season nor use terrible search engines.

Why is such lewdnes allowed
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We are the 10's.
no guru to guru
I tried watching the old anime but holy shit it took 26 episodes to cover what the 2017 one did in just 6

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Well /a/?
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Is that a male?
>Only if you bully my penis

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Do you like my car ?
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Aren't Toyota Corollas for boring people Anon?
mutsubishi, honda and toyota are literally garbage tier cars

Come on /a/, post your favorite black guys from anime and manga
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Nigg n sum hoe.jpg
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You already did. Dutch is my nigger

What will you do while Umaru sleeps?
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Tell mods to delete the thread because it has shitty quality fb image thus it breaks the rules.
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I make sure

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new chapter is out

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who else here spent too much money on her?
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Rem 59.jpg
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I haven't spent any money on her yet, but that's because I don't have a job yet. Once I do though I'll be sure to spend it all on her.
I just bought all the books
Regardless if I can read online or not, I prefer physically having them to read

I'd also prefer a physical Rem and/or Ram, what are these preorders from months ago?

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Yoshiko will somehow succeed in life simply because it will frustrate A-kun-san more.
I'm genuinely worried about imouto.
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best show
The way he treats his imouto, I'd say that A-kun is the real aho.
A-kun is a closet incestuous lolicon

Which studio do you think is going to handle the inevitable anime adaptation?
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Hopefully not Pierrot. But I could see that happening.
some studio (and director) that knows how to work well atmosphere, because neverland is a manga basically composed of infodumpings.

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I know that almost everyone hates this anime, but for the people that do like it and watched it all the way through; do you guys know the power scaling of each character? Or a tier list for the characters on how well they'd fight.

There's just a lot of characters in this show that's capable of fighting in their own style and I just want to know the strongest to the weakest. Also does Shizuo get a zenkai boost every time he gets injured?
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Shizuo is at the top.
IIRC Shizuo is stated by word of god to be on par with Claire Stanfield from Baccano! The fucker who was also stated by word of god to be on par with the demon that made a bunch of people immortal just for the shits and giggles.
I like the anime though. I want Celty to sit on my face

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Chapter 5 of the Rem IF is out.

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thanks anon
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She most certainly is.

ITT: Anime quotes that you live by.
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Not even the best shaft series to do it.

is /a/ supporting the aria dub on kickstarter?
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No. If they had any faith in their dub at all it would have been the distributors footing the bill. I actually like dubs but this isn't how business should work
I might since they are also making a BD release along with the dub.
There already is BD's.

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