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What are your hopes for s2? I hope that it does move the plot foward instead of just repeating all the same shit from the first season. I am worried that they didn't include Hikari in the promo art means that they are going to ignore her in favor of ONII-CHAN GEIMU, JUMPU, CORA shit
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>just repeating
that R in the name makes me fear this
My hope is that you fuck off with your shitty generals
the butthurt poster that waits page 10 to reply
Every Fucking Time

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Anyone going to see this? Is it worth watching or is it yet another reminder about how Japan hasn't moved on from the nukes?
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It's pretty good. It's not really just nip propaganda because it actually shows American soldiers being a fairly decent people and some Japanese soldiers being cunts. That being said, I'm not sure how this movie managed to do so well in Japan because it's very slow and doesn't exactly have mainstream appeal. It's just a slow paced movie about a civilian woman living through wartime Japan. I did enjoy it but it'd be hard for me to watch it again.
That's kind of the point of the nukes that you don't simply move on from them.
This movie was awesome, i saw it yesterday. I was surprised with how comfy the film was, what with it being about a horrific time in japanese history. The backgrounds were definitely my favorite part, having that lush, painting like feel to them

Just started it /a/.
What can I expect?
Am I correct in the assumption that twintails is best girl?
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It's been so long, I barely remember anything about Minami Ke, but I still read Uchida doujins.
You talking shit about Bossu?
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Poor guy, I feel like he is going to get "missunderstood" for all seasons.
Kana is truly a match for Aho Girl.

Let's settle this:

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kagura = yomi > sakaki > nyamo > yukari > the rest
Best love story of all time.

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Did he enjoy it?
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The feeling of achievement? Probably.
The feeling of cum dripping out of his abused boipucci? Probably.
Yes, the baron enjoyed that boypussy a lot.

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ITT: Good scenes from anime you didn't particularly like

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ITT op is a faggot
All the fights from OPM
They are both terrible characters anyway so eh

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In celebration of the glorious /a/ draws Cromartie High School being finished, it was decided to do the /a/ sings to go with it as well!
Here's the /a/ draws on nicovideo for now: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31778177

A YouTube upload will happen once the /a/ sings is done for it as well, since Cromartie tends to be copyright struck failry often otherwise. And that's where your help is needed.
We're going to sing the short opening version of the song: https://mega.nz/#!cl4gSbRT!-lWF6le3NlJGa2N7fUuwJcwO3yn52YzTK7dXYWr5ej4
Lyrics: https://pastebin.com/C3kR02Ft
E-mail: [email protected]

Either send submissions there or post them here using Mixtape.
Deadline is going to be Saturday, August 26th for now. Will try to get it done until next Monday, but can't promise a concrete date.

Have fun singing, everyone!
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Quick note: recording with Audacity is recommended, it's free, easy to use and does the job well.
Vocaroo is also acceptable, but other means are preferred, since it has sub-par audio quality.
Bump, I guess.
Will help us /mu/?

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the red comet.jpg
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just finished watching the original Gundam movie trilogy. Should i move on to Zeta or should i watch some of the OVAs as to not burn myself out? also what's your favorite Gundam series?
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>Watched the movie trilogy instead of the TV show
You made a mistake. Also, OPs can't bump their own threads.
why was it a mistake?
turn a

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Would I be missing something relevant by skipping it? It almost seems to me like a filler series.
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Yes. You fucking moron.
You're an idiot. Fuck off from /a/ forever.
You people sound seriously butthurt.

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Storytime for a manga that I don't see on /a/ but that I think is very cute.

>Author: Ononoka Akihiro
>Artist: Ononoka Akihiro

>Synopsis: Aliens have become common on earth. Kumika is one such alien who can get nutrition just by breathing and therefore does not need to eat, but from unexpected circumstance she takes a bite of earth food and has her first experience of delicious earth food. The uptight Kumika discovers new tastes through eating and awakens to new kinds of emotions.
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Xenomorph otaku is best girl.
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I want to punch Yanda
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Yanda did nothing wrong.
Yotsuba stop messing with your dad's PC.
Yanda just wanted his dick sucked

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Post motivational anime
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You want to do WHAT with Nanachi ?
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I want to turn her into a white whistle.
Sniff. I want to see if she smells bad.

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In your honest opinion, what are the odds of us getting a season 4?
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We didn't even get a season 3 yet.

Gab Dropout gave me a lot of the vibes that S1 and S2 of Yuru Yuri did though, I'd love for Dogakobo to do a S4 of Yuru Yuri, but I feel like it's never going to happen. The lewdness in the OVA was a mistake though, Yuri's are not for sexualising.

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Read the sticky.
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>discussion should be centered on series and characters

Don't see the problem here fampai
Aoba has a nice body.

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