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/a/utists are gonna sperg out but thats a really good picture keep it up
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Miku a cute!
>tfw only just got into vocaloids
>tfw 10+ years I could have been listening to autistic singing robots wasted listening to human music

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So what was the reason they didn't invite Biscuit into the Chimera Ant arc?

I mean she's canonically one of the strongest hunters in the world, and she's clearly free and available at the time. Wouldn't defeating the royal guard be a piece of cake with her around?
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>inviting a girl on a boys' trip
Zodiacs weren't aware of the ants either. There's no explanation other than Netero being a wise guy and trusting the ones he had with him.
You are either a brainlet or a speedreader. There were politics within the hunter association that prevented Netero from getting the appropriate amount of help that he needed for guaranteed success.

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apachai death god.jpg
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>normal guy mc who is bullied
>becomes the strongest through hard work, not luck or having a latent superpower
>just the right amount of tension with his crush, who he eventually marries
>good mix of action and comedy
>the action is well paced and usually fights only take 1 or 2 episodes, tops
>some fanservice without going overboard with it

Is History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi the perfect shonen?
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>some fanservice without going overboard with it
>MC's crush wears a skintight bodysuit nearly all the time
>his weapons trainer with the crazy eyebrows has a habit of going nude
>not going overboard with the fanservice
she only goes nude in the ovas really

the closest she gets in the actual show is wearing a loincloth
Oh right, I was thinking of the manga.

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Why are japanese artists ignoring Rinne?
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Tits too big.
Your taste too shit.
tits that are big look perfect on a plate

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What are some series where you can easily tell the creator is an actual imbecile?
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What do you mean by "actual imbecile"?
Does he have a fidget spinner strapped to his chest?

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>"Kiniro Mosaic: Pretty Days"

Almost close to a full hour long Movie...Why the Heck am I just now hearing about this?!

Have other anons checked this one out? If so, did you enjoy it?
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It was bretty good. It was definitely nice to have more kiniro though.
Great! I'm about to kick back and watch it myself. And I agree, more KINMOZA is what anime needs! I absolutely love SoL genre shows, and KM is among the very best of them!

"Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?" seems as its more popular than KINMOZA, but I absolutely adore KM's characters and cast.
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>3DTV anime

Is anyone else disappointed that the gimmick died out?
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>19 kids
Jesus Christ can you even imagine how loose and worn out the mom's vagina must be?
I thought 4k is the hottest TV meme?
4, 13, 14 a best
It's now all about HDR and 60/100/120/144Hz.

Is 2000 up to around 2004 literally the worst period for anime? Hardly any of this shit will ever receive proper rips and always look like ass thanks to not shooting the shows on film anymore and having their digital releases being perma locked at 480p. So many shows ruined.
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Compare 2003 Black Jack to 1990s Black jack & you tell ME.
What shows make you say that?
I'd say it was the worst for rips, yeah. Sadly it's that period where the technology changed but the practices took a while to catch up. Anime went digital shortly before HD took off and no one had the foresight to prepare for it.
>tfw no 1080p Aria

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koe no katachi.jpg
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This movie was absolutely terrible.

I'm glad I didn't bother watching this on the theaters. Who the fuck paid to watch this shit?
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Secondaries who didn't read the manga
Kyoani shillbots
people who criticize a movie being bad but they dont explain why....
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Better than your name.

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It's been a year since Bleach officially ended, how do you feel about the ending now that we got a couple of LN explaining much of the stuff left unanswered in the manga? Any desire for an adaptation of the last arc or a sequel featuring the kids?
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I don't care about this garbage anymore.
A year later and still the worst thing I've ever read to completion.

Fuck Kubo, the only thing he did right was troll IchiRuki fags
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>sequel featuring the kids?
I just want their bios to know how strong Kazui is.

Post worst girl of their respective series
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>caring about some random side character
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For fucks sake! Fuck whoever made that "Mangas that gave you feels" thread yesterday, and fuck the fellow who posted the pic of a weird blackheaded troll thing with a girl.

Was put off by the cute bird scribbles at first, and got relieved when i saw them in the last chapter.

Im interested in the consensus /a/nons, and personal musings and feellings about the ride that is "Oyasumi Punpun", share them with me.
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Fuck off and kill yourself, newfag.
Fuck off.
Reddit is that way.

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Making my way through season 1 right now, is season 2 better, equal, or worse?

Cause season 1 is the perfect fill for my moe desires
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S2 is more drama.
season 2 is better if you like nene
>in my moe series

for what purpose

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Is it bad that I unironically enjoyed this anime when it was relevant...
What i just enjoyed it for what it was....
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If you don't like Lucky Star you're not allowed to post on /a/.
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I don't get why people disliked the anime

Nobody remembers Madoka

Nobody except me
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most cancerous fanbase and this thread is proof.
Madoka has pink hair, a cute loli butt and now shares the same VA as my waifu I don't know what you're talking about.
madoka a shit

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