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Does /a/ like Clamp?
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they liked CLAMP
They're never going to finish X or Gate 7 are they?
I liked Rayearth and Chobits. Those are the only series from them that I've fully seen and read though.

Is this show an accurate portrayal of gamers?
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Chiaki a best. A BEST.
The answer is no.
Besides the autistic squawking no.

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Post your favorite girls of the season.
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Kushida a best
I think she's at least top 3 WotS material, maybe even #1

Is there a better girl in Macross than Ranka Lee?
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Sure there is.
Yes, in the same series even.
The apple girl

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h-how do I respond to this?
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Depends upon what she's refering to.
she was referring to my snake
Then it depends upon the species of the snake and its age to get a pretty decent estimate.

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Seriously, what the fuck is her endgame? I just don't know anymore.
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We know already tho
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Bring Sanji and Nami closer
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Why is Nami so cute around Sanji?

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He is less of an autist than /a/.
he's if you were to be put into the series and given a yandere.

Believing he's a mere bystander watching events unfold while shit goes down
God had a crush on him. So I'd say superior genes

ITT: God-tier ending themes
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This shit right here.
Good choices

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Will there ever be a better loli anime?
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I have high hopes.
>Mitsuboshi colors is actually going to go big
How many years has it been.
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I never knew he listened to Aphex Twin. Neat.

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Just finished SnK season 2 so why the fuck is she suddenly in a desert?
and why didn't no titan eat her during this time?
and how the hell did she sneak in when the gates to wall rose was sealed?
Since they were attacked they would be on the look out standing on the walls how come no one saw her entering, she supposed stayed outside the walls until night and then traveled the whole distance of wall maria
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dyke superpowers
>why the fuck is she suddenly in a desert?
What are you talking about?
watch the scene again, she woke up in a desert, what is the author stupid or some shit?

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How can we improve old cliches, /a/?

>Hentai ojisan that touches girls butts/tits all the time
>the girls touch his butt as well
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>banchou gang formed by a bunch of twink shotas
>touching ojisan's butt turns him into shota
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>it's a princess and the frog story where the shota ojichan tries to find the one girl who will touch his little boibutte and turn him back to normal

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Why are JCs considered the best by everybody?
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>2nd year college student

Personally I'm more of a JK guy
After years of fapping multiple times a day I can, with complete confidence, say that anything high school girls is the best. Niche fetish? Sure, have it. At the end of the day though you'll never walk away from high school girls in school uniform, never.

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Mei is one of the cutest girls to ever wear an eye patch. She's the best type of girl too Soft spoken, mysterious, and fun to be around. That's the way I like it.

Honestly the best Horror, Mystery,Thriller series.
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Why did you have to make a thread stating a well-known fact?
the book is also one of the best light novels ever created.

Well so people can remember just how great the series. And post cute Mei pics.

Plus you never know how might have a disagreement.

Will this show ever get a season 2? I really loved it. It just kind of ended on a cliff hanger.
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Hatoko a best.

Tomoyo a shit.
The entire season had 1 good scene and best girl was a side character, I don't know why you'd want more. It was fine like it was.
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There are novel summaries floating around so you can follow up what happens afterwards. As you should be able to tell, Tomoyo aka best girl wins in the anime and she'll win in the novels too, by the way.

This season feels so goddamn empty.
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Because you already watched AOTY.
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>tfw watching tsuki ga kirei while you have a son just his age and all he does is play games and watch anime

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