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why aren't nipples ever drawn?
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2d girls dont have them
Let's see you try taking on the NHK just because you want to see some anime tits.
Please buy the BDs.

Reminder that there is such a thing as TOO tall and 176cm is it.
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fuck off she's cool
Fuck no. Manlets need to get over the height complex. Tall, athletic women are ideal.
Reminder that OP is a massive cock gargling faggot with shit taste.

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Continued. Dumping Sumire 16, a story about a cheerful girl and the mysterious old man who has his arm shoved inside of her. I scanned the first volume and the color pages, so I'm seeking an editor who is interested in supplanting the original scanlations, which used some shitty magazine raws and are 1100px or so.

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Reminder that Jibril did absolutely everything wrong
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Movie bds when?
Is there literally anywhere that I can watch the movie? Even a cam?
Probably not until next year

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Y'know what really grinds my gears?

Romance Manga and Anime that ends right after the confession. WHY do they ALL do this?
The FUCK, guys!? I want to see them date, move in, marry, and breed tiny monsters!
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Naruto did it right out of everyone.
There's no tension anymore after the confession. If it goes on they have to shoehorn contrived drama, often in the form of misunderstandings. Romance manga should always end right here before it sours.
Jitsu wa watashi wa best romance manga

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This shit is so cute.
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I agree
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Thanks for alerting me of new chapters.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'm seeing this shit at least four times a day.
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sakura-san posted this today already. lurk more, newfag and




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Do you guys remember the original "My Hero Academia" ?
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Park Hyunmi was best girl
IT. NEVER. FUCKING. ENDED. Biggest dissapointment and you reminded me of it.
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Yes, I remember it.

I remembered thinking about picking this one up (which I never did) and realized I've not seen a single post here about it.
Is literally no one watching this show? How shit is it?
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Not enough Kaede to keep people interested.
Dropped because shit video quality and idolshit.
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I've seen one thread on it, but it doesn't seem to be very popular here. It's nothing really too special. I enjoy the fanservice/school aspect, not so much the battle part. I can't say I'd recommend this to anyone, but if you enjoy cute girls, maybe watch an episode or two to see if you like it.

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Also, can some anon remind me of that website that you can use to make random Matsu's doing stuff
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I'm ready!
That is a nice noose.
I never finished the show, but that one gag about the serial killer taking the wrong one was an amazing bit of comedy

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12 is prime.
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No it's not you fucking retard you can divide it by 2 and 6.
Optimums prime is older than 12

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So can anyone explain to me exactly what role Pen-Pen played in the larger symbolism of Neon Genesis Evangelion?
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He's the Jar-Jar Binks of the franchise. Gets replaced later on by Mari.
Humor and emphasizing Misato's loneliness.
He's the last member of the FAR

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I have finally watched this. Who else thought this movie tried to be too many things at once?
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i thought it was alright
It wasn't as good as the hype - it was still better than "a silent voice". It wasn't nearly as bad as the contrarians try and play it off as. I gave it a soft 9/10. Had much better atmosphere than most Anime. The main story is easily followed and while people will claim plot holes (no checking calendars) - I thought it was a great misdirection that I don't fault it for. Probably the only 2 technical misteps I could see were the male friend that came along for the road trip (should have developed him more if you are going to include him) and the girls father could have used one extra establishing scene - maybe between him and the grandmother (fight with the kids listening).

The ending could have been a bit better - but I don't know exactly how. It should have been worked on a bit more.
>it wasn't good as the hype
>still a 9/10
I think you need to reevaluate your ratings, anon.

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Why is the Fate route so boring? Are UBW and HF really worth reading through this infodump-riddled drag?
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>Why is the Fate route so boring?
Because it's literally the worst route.
fsn is shit as a whole
>Why is the Fate route so boring?
It's basically an info dump, which is why it's been largely ignored in the years to come

>Are UBW and HF really worth reading through this infodump-riddled drag?
You should probably just watch UBW, and then either read/play HF. HF is the actual route where Nasu really starts to shine as a writer (with regards to the Fate series in general).

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>Thought all the "princess" shit was going to be dope
>Like, he's actually the reincarnation of some princess but it screwed up and he's male so they need to reverse it
>Or he got cursed by bad witches to be a guy and have amnesia but he's still a princess
>Turns out it's just Naruto-ass bullshit that makes one of the main characters ultimately pointless the moment they break the seals

I should've known better than to be excited for something.
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You don't like the thing
Good job
Way to boil down 50% of all opinions, retard. That's how they work: either you like something or you don't.
No you're right this is a great topic of conversation
Tell us more about how you don't like the thing
This is a really good thread

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