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That was a downer ending.
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Yeah ending was pretty rushed. Still liked the series
Wish the anime followed the manga more closely like the OVAs
Wish the author didn't disappear
>Wish the author didn't disappear
What's with Authors or cute loli related stuff disappearing or dying?
Rushed ending,

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Sometimes for laughs
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My life.
>wolf guy's artist
of course
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Literally the entire manga. And on one occasion she even turns the tables and rapes a monster.

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Good examples of 3d in anime
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I kinda hate the insane amount of bloom that is used in every scene but it's understandable since it's a Mahō shōjo
Perfect use of 2d effects in 3d.
old 3d
new 3d
The difference is gigantic

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answer me /a/ is this show legitimately truly unironically good
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Honestly, my biggest problem with it was that the music cues felt strange. Not the idol songs, but the BGM. I can't pinpoint the exact problem with it, but it always sounded like it didn't quite fit the mood of the scene.
It gives what it promises, cute girls doing cute things. To me, and to most of /a/, that is enough.
It's good but as with everything it has its flaws

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This is by far the weirdest fuck the writer has thought up of so far and that's saying a lot.
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wait till he fucks the bear
Can this manga just go back to comfy gold hunting and everyone not being extremely gay suddenly
I read the raws but didn't understand much
does he die?

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Does /a/ actually prefers Fate Zero over Stay Night or is it just a meme ?
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I don't see why it matters. You'd just be preferring one stinking pile of shit over another.
What are you looking for your new opinion or something?
Who the fuck cares, /a/ isn't one person.
Zero was way better
Fate stay night was shit but somehow still better than your shitty meme.

Caulifla is for ___________.
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I like Sorrel the sex bunny
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expanding brain.png
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Brutal gang rape by Bacterian and his pals!

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Sophia was rightfully right
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She was as right as one could be
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She was rightfully shit, pure on the inside and filthy on the outside is the only way to go.
I wonder how she wipes her ass.

So this is finally coming next month. How is Watsuki going to solve the problem of Kenshin not being able to use Hiten Mitsurugi again? Will Hiko appear and give him some sort of special training?

>inb4 people who didn't get the memo about this

It's been announced since last December.
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I know this is an unnecessary sequel but color me intrigued and hyped. Watsuki is not Toriyama, he deeply cares for Kenshin and I don't think he's gonna ruin it. He said he toyed with the idea of writing Kenshin again but that he would never do it without a good idea for a new story theme. Will it be as good as prime Kenshin? Maybe not, but it'll be nice to see the world and the characters again and some of them still have a lot of story to tell.
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At least we know Hiko is definitely going to be in it.

This gonna be good.

What moment made you fall in love with one piece?
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This one
>posting the shitty remake version
Same here though
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One Piece v22-070.jpg
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>he calls the Genki Dama "Spirit Bomb"
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It's called the Destructo Disc
>Genki Dama

sounds cute
>he calls the げんきだま"Genki Dama"

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One will protect you, the others will try to kill you.
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Isn't homura a god?
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>Character from Akuma no Riddle
>killing anyone
Don't keep me waiting, which are which?

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is there anyone in this world beautiful enough to play CC in a live action adaptation?
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Of course not, are you retarded?
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She's ugly though.

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She did it again.
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what did she do?
I love thinking Shino also masturbates.

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Let's talk about this crazy bitch.
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I was ok with the level of edge up to the end of the island arc, after that it stopped being "shitty slasher B movie" and more "grindhouse porn", fuck that noise
The story is beyond retarded, its like you could run around the town with a fucking axe swinging some heads off whilst going on a live cam at youtube and everyone is going nuts in a hyped tone.

author is probably a coldsteel tier edgelord.
It's shit, kitagawa touta should've just sticked to porn

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