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It should have ended with Ami getting with Ryuuji and Minorin getting with Kitamura.
Ryuuji always brought the best out of Ami and she was clearly interested in him
Minorin and Kitamura are both emotionally damaged but always try to hide their feelings
Taiga needed to figure herself out before anything
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>It should have ended with Ami getting with Ryuuji
violent tsunderes are shit
That's why I'm watching the VN Ami route. It gives me peace of mind.

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Is there any anime character that represents masculinity better than Duke Togo?
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Yes, absolutely any that knows how to have sex in a more involved way than laying there motionless with exactly the same expression as always while the woman rides on top.
He gets the job done with no effort, that's the chad pump while you're still thinking of the virgin struggle.
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These two lads.

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Got a problem with plants, cunt?
anime godzilla was a mistake
He's cool. Fuck off.

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So, apparently Netflix has just decided to make a live action Death Note series. What are your thoughts on this matter, /a/?

Trailer Link:
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It's just a movie.
It's already out.
Critics are tearing it apart.
They'll never beat the Japanese live action Death Note. Western countries should stop adapting anime into movies in my opinion
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Criminal lives matter

Is this the greatest example of a copy being better than the original?
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>inb4 it's shit
raildex is shit too, fuck you
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The Misaka clones have a narrative purpose for existing. The Sebah-faces exist because Nasu is a hack.

Didn't see a thread about best girl. Let's fix that.
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stupid bitch. yunyun was better.
Something something bend her over things to fuck her
It was deleted.

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This is the best AU Gundam.
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The incomplete Gundam was better than that.
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I mean considering there are only two true "alternate universe" series which cannot be placed in the main timeline (SEED and IBO) that's not saying all that much.
What are you talking about exactly?
Also what are 00 and AGE if you're thinking what I'm thinking?

Cowtits episode.
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Did everyone drop this already?
There wouldn't be thread if everyone dropped it you baka.
>dropping aots

why would someone do such thing

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1 hour in so far. When does it get good?
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Watch Akira for the God tier animation. Read the manga for the actual story which is great by the way. Seriously no one cares about the movie for the story.
When you stop stopping the movie to write things on imageboards and actually focus on watching something you summer-drawn cancer.
>god-tier animation
It looks painfully average to me. Just a lot of over-animating scenes that do not look more impressive with more frames. I've seen explosions enough in other anime. Anime with impactful stories. It's also improperly directed. It feels like a 1:1 manga adaptation with panels directly lifted from there instead of a proper anime

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Who will be the sun and the moon in the new season of the anime?
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Mio is so cute. I want to marry her.
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New chapter fucking when?
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hopefully never
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Just reposting this if anyone wants to join the autism. For anyone interested, it's the full OP.

The instrumental version is just a modified copy of the original mp3, because I can't find any download of the real instrumental version; not even through official sources. Hopefully, someone will upload the official version that apparently comes on the physical copy soon.

https://pastebin.com/z3KCrVSG (embed)
Feel free to add to this in your recording, of course.

Send submissions to [email protected] by September 10.
Please send just the recording of your voice, without the music.

You can record your voice with audacity or any sort of recording software as long as you find some other place than vocaroo to upload your submission.
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I hope you fags will enjoy my autistic, Danish-accented mumbling.
Fuck yeah. Cheers for queers, nigger.
why the full version?
I'd much rather just do the TV version, which everybody knows, and is the same thing that's always been done AFAIK

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Hey. Dumping Sumire 16, a story about a cheerful girl and the mysterious old man who has his arm shoved inside of her. I scanned the first volume and the color pages, so I'm seeking an editor who is interested in supplanting the original scanlations, which used some shitty magazine raws and are 1100px or so.
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Oh man, it's been awhile. Please dump, this shit is legit.
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What excites you most about NnA season 2?
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I just want a slice of life anime with Miuna as a mother.
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I know her anime is a little bit old and has been forgotten by most everyone except me, but I still kind of have a crush on Chitose.
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You should write her a song
Chitose is one of the most selfish, rotten, and spoiled girls I ever seen. Why do I love her so much?
Punishing her for her shortcomings sounds like a sweet fantasy

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