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Why did KyoAni decide to make a new movie of this?
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I'm guessing they want to finish off their big franchises (Chu, Free, Hibikek)
Because they have nearly no good IPs left.
Independant Kyoani depends on their LN contest which isn't particulary good.

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Is Trigun (so) appreciated solely out of nostalgia?

Seems a lot of people put it on par with Cowboy Bebop, but, while some parallels could be drawn, Trigun focuses too much on the comedy in the detriment of the drama, while Cowboy Bebop balances them neatly.
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It is on par with Bebop. Being more of a comedy doesn't make it worse. No one's saying that they are similar in tone, just that they are both of high quality.
Have you watched the full show? I think it's a fair criticism to say that the show doesn't have a great balance at times, but it's mostly the early episodes that are comedy focus and the comedy keeps dropping as the drama ramps up. Like the entire episode where Vash is catonic does not really have a comedic moment. I will say mostly the reason people remember it might be because the characters are very memorable, like there is not really another anime character who really looks like Vash.
No it's good; formally almost perfect imo. I'd say it's maybe a notch below Bebop.

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do you prefer your slice of life anime to be about the country side or the big city
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i cant get enough of ren-chon

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Same, it's the best fetish
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Yeah guilty pleasure

Not IRL though

Was he an asshole?
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No, he is a virgin.
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>tfw they cut out his gay route
Biggest mistake. It would fit so well.

>deviantart link

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It's here:

The author couldn't finish the volume stuff in time for a new chapter. So the series will resume next week.
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That's a shame. Looking forward to next week then, wonder what it'll be about.
I hope he attempted suicide out of shame
Inb4 Axe.

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What is the oldest animo you have watched?
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Oldest I've watched all the way through is the first Lupin.
Animo the original ova movie

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Who do you think would win in a fight between Gon in the Chimera ant arc (not Gon-san) and Son Goku in the King Piccolo arc?
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King Piccolo
>One shots a city
>Is beaten by Goku
>infinitely stronger than Gon
>is beaten by a weak atomic bomb
Where is it seen that:
> can't one shot a city
> can survive a nuclear bomb
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Left or right?
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You have to go back.
Right for me, please. Now if left had been adult Bat, I'd have said both.
>White hair
>Cute eyes
>Cat ears
Yeah the whole not being a loli is pretty big negative but she's still superior

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>used goods slut
>best girl

>all she wants is her friends to stop endangering themselves in fighting witches against their will
>decides not to just ask for witches not to exist

Is madoka the retard or is it the writers?
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What do you expect from a normie show?
The retarded is Homura for tearing apart madoka in 2 and keep ultimate madoka in a fucking earring
>ask for witches not to exist
That's what happened you retard, pay more attention. Plus she added some extra clauses like: anytime/anywhere/by own hand so QB can't fuck it up somehow.

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vol 6 cover.jpg
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New chapter and cover for vol 6 revealed.
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I don't get it.
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It's a stupid pun in Japanese.
Let me pass = shitsurei
shi = 4
tsu(two) = 2
rei = 0
The more you know.
>He's an italian telling this joke to an englishman in the USA
How does that pun work then?

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Oh shit nigga it's saint seiya but less gay. It a going to FLOP isn't It?
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The manga is already a flop
Here I thought women aren't allowed to become saints.
As long as they wear a mask its fine

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Their murderous levels obsession over a beta MC might be attractive to virgins who can't find a pussy.Most good looking girls tend to ignore betas so that might also factor in as most yanderes have a cute/moe design,contrasting with the typical stereotypical Nice Girl/Rich Bitch archetypes that good looking girls usually fall to.
Indeed you can see that yanderes that don't fall for non betas tend to be hated by the community.
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It's hot when someone will do all kinds of sick shit for you
Mommy issues

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