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So a few months ago in an attempt to revive a dying magazine, Shonen Jump released six new manga in succession to one another.

Now that each one has around 20 chapters, which ones will be here for the long haul, and which ones were a mistake?
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>an attempt to revive a dying magazine
Haven't read any of those, probably will read the one Boichi is drawing to see how it is.
>Dying magazine
Kodansha please

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It hurts
This is the worst. I get why someone wouldn't want to do another 20 volumes, but when it's that short you finish what you start.

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Who wins?
Just finished this and it was really therapeutic. What was your favorite episode? For me it was the newspaper company owner. The psychiatrist episode was fun, too. The weakest was probably the child actor.

Fukuicchi here
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I watched this just the other day but I can't really say I enjoyed it overall. I felt like it dragged on too long plus there were a bunch of design choices that made no sense to me such as why irabu constantly changes between a man, shota, and bear.
Newspaper owner, psychiatrist and yakuza were my favourite episodes.
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I'd agree that some of choices, particularly Irabu and his injection fetish/Mayumi, brought the quality of the show down overall. Although I took his 3 forms as Freud's id, ego, and superego, with the bear almost definitely representing the id, since that's the form he's always in when the patients are receiving their injections.
I binge watched it with a friend a couple of years ago and at first the designs made me not feel really compelled to watch it. It ended up being really fun, it's really underapreciated in here.

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I don't understand why anyone ever thought greenlighting garbage shows is a good idea.
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you mean like endless eight?
It's not their money.

What's up with her VA? Is she new or is this done on purpose?
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I want to have sex with her voice.
It is too weird to not be on purpose, but I don`t know about her VA being new neither do I feel like searching for this answer.
fuck you her VA is cute you disgusting plebian

Why do mechatards with the lowest standards possible always suck him off? He has never directed anything over 3/10 and most of his "designs" aren't even his own. I always cringe when people use the term "Obari work" to refer to anime where he only had a minor role in.
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At least he did the only good episode of Bubblegum Crisis.
t. Low IQ videogame player
Obari is a hack and turned it to generic mechashit
>implying Angel Blade isn't a solid 8/10

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This manga has been at the bottom of the Shonen Jump rankings since it began.

How long until it's canceled for good?
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That's not Marie
Too bad, I liked the idea of a golf manga, but the main character is too boring to attract readers.
Robo is generally in the top five or middle of the pack.

It's doing more than fine. Dr. Stone is the standout of the rookie manga, but Robo will be around for the next few years

Hungry Marie is fucked tho

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Season 3 when?
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Fuck, I love this series
Shame it's probably never gonna get another season
Read the novels.
This seems like something only enjoyable as an anime. I like the anime because of the directing and artsy presentation. I don't see how a poorly translated novel can bring me the same joy the anime did.

This anime makes me excited.
Every episode I'm sitting there watching it with a happy smile on my face.
Do you feel it?

Why didn't he run after Mako-chan? ;_;
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He got a better girl later on.
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>shitzuku's face on the bottom left
Beautiful. I can't wait until they go up against each other and she gets BTFO for good.

Plz japan give me a decent space western. Im tired of these otaku centric styled animes.

> Mfw when i know they never sell well in nippon, looking at you trigun
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LOTGH soon
>Gaylactic Heroes
There was only like four of them anyway

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Left or right?
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It's the same girl, what difference does it make?

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What would you do if your right hand turned into a cute girl?
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Smooch and pat

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What is her appeal?
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She has a nice butte

That thicc round ass that everyone wants to eat.
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Aqua is a retard but I would still bury my face between her butt cheeks and eat out her butthole until my face goes numb. I also want her to piss in my mouth.

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Do you miss Speedlines /a/?
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I love speedlines.
Only when I blink.

This show gives MISUNDESTANDINGS! a whole new meaning. Why would you call over a girl to ask her to be friends with her? And how do yoy accidentally confuse that with Go Out With Me?

The three friends staring at each other was gold, though.
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this show is pretty cool desu.
>Why would you call over a girl to ask her to be friends with her?

It was all part of Chad's plan.
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> Why would you call over a girl to ask her to be friends with her?

Oh anon

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