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How do we fix this shitty studio? All they know how to do is SOL with moeblob girls, and they still can't into interesting character designs.
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>it's another studio wars thread on /a/
>it's another studio wars thread on /a/
>it's another studio wars thread on /a/
>it's another studio wars thread on /a/
Can you and >>161259625 just fuck already and leave /a/ alone?
Literally who

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What is Kuro looking at?
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Those are some nice cups you got there.
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She's thinking, "I recognize that bulge!"
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"Who am I going to sex up tonight"

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let have draw your waifu thread
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i love my wife
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this is amazing

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Alright now that the dust has settled, which is better?

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Shows for little girls > shows for adult men.
why not have magical girl idols?
There was that TWGOK OVA

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“O, My Rubber Nen” (sometimes stylised as “O MY RUBBER NEN”) is a quote uttered by character Hisoka Morrow from the Japanese manga series Hunter x Hunter, on a scene where he’s facing his inevitable death. The scene recieved mixed reception from the fans as some of them percieved it as a Deus Ex Machina, making that some online communities, like 4chan’s anime and manga board /a/, used the quote as a phrasal template to mock alleged “asspulls” in manga series.

The scene comes from Hunter x Hunter’s chapter 357 of the manga, released on June 13th, 2016. The chapter covers the conclusion of the fight between characters Chrollo Lucifer and Hisoka Morow, with Hisoka losing the battle after Chrollo blows him up with his ability. After being confirmed dead by a group of characters, Hisoka suddenly wakes up and explains character Machi that he survived by using his nen (energy that exists in the Hunter x Hunter universe and grants different abilities), injecting gum on his heart and lungs to restart them. The catchphrase can be seen on the fan scanlation from Mangastream, in a flashback describing the events right before his death, where he orders his nen to resurrect him after his death.
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So is the anime ever continuing? I'd love to see this fight animated

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What did she mean by this?
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Nice body.
It means that she want some
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top kek
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Top kek indeed.
>top kek
who the fuck wrote these trash translations

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what went wrong?
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the male character was like an overweight version of Kyousuke. Which was dumb. How am I supposed to self-insert as an overweight LN author shut-in? Sucks. I actually hit the gym, ya know.

I mean the girls were okay, but everyone in Oreimo was better.
Cool story brah.
would you rather fuck the oreimo girls or the girls in eromanga?

She was clearly the best girl, so why didn't she win?
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Wait is it over? Worst girl won right?
The girl next door yeah.

I thought the fake trainer girl was the best anyways
Yes worst girl won and MC lost his powers

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Save us Croissant.
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Is this going the yuri route?
>not having read the speed scans already
this arc was alright, as it turns out a lot of people's guesses on how her telepathy actually works were correct
>guesses on how her telepathy works
What's there to guess? She can read minds and she makes up her own images of what people could be envisioning in their minds.

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What's you're favorite anime studio?
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Give me your honest opinion on Kumiko.
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I love her.
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her character would be a lot better if she enjoyed dick, instead of all this yuri nonsense.
Smutty trollope.

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2 cours is the perfect structure if it's used to its full potential, but so many 2 cour shows misuse it that I think there are more great 1 cour shows than 2 cour shows out there.
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80-90% of everything is shit.
Blue is the best color, but so many people use red. That is sad.
I agree, that doesnt cahnge my statement in any way tho. I think that in the 10-2o% of actually good anime, there are more 1 cour shows than 2 cour shows, due to writers not utilising a 2 cour structure properly.

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whats to like? she has no soul
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I like her design
because she's an emotionless doll

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MY NAME... IS...
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John Smith

Jackson's cousin.

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