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Will they ever be able to watch the stars together again?
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>sun is blotted out
>pleiades thread
this isn't accidental
Was this anime good? I wanted to watch it because muh Gainax but I forgot about it.
It's not gainax of olde but it's a worthy swan song
That is, if they actually fucking die, which they might not

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>the only bit of actual animation in the latest monogatari was the lewd hand holding scene

Really makes you think
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So, does anyone in this anime actually suck dicks or fugg buttholes or at least rub clits?
I just don't understand how Crab can get so much hate after scenes like this.
your mother fucked your dog

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What are your favorite Miyazaki/Takahata productions? Either in Ghibli, or during the Nippon Animation years.
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I actually love every Ghibli film desu. They just make me feel good. My favorites are

>Spirited away
>Only yesterday
>Princess mononoke
>My neighbors the Yamadas
>The wind rises
>When marnie was there
Underrated film.
I love everything by both of them, my two favourite directors, but my favourites are Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and The Wind Rises.

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The Dallas panel is starting.
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Anyone reporting it?
A lot of fandom "contributers" are there so it's just a question of time
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>new thread already
And I was going to go to bed. I wish there was always a YOI thread on this board.

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We have seen some numbers of naruto girls become mom in Boruto,
But they all become mom at the legal age, instead of become teen mom when they were younger(which I think realistically should have happen more ofen in the settings of naruto )
How will the girls in naruto live and reacts if they become teen mom when still teenager ? how will they rise their kids, posts you thought or story how they become teen mom and how did they react&rise their kids
For example, how will tayuya do if she became a teen mom ?
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mommy Tayuya is something I'd like to see.

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>big boobs

is there a more perfect combination for a heroine?
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>not megane
>not shy
She would look better without glasses and braids
>not shy
This is the only one that is part correct.

Only insecure teenage boys like shy girls. Girls too shy are really boring. Tsubasa is not too shy so she's good.

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Anon, do we live in the sticks?
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I'll show you my stick.
Follow me into this shed and I'll give you an honest answer
It's ''Styx'' you fucking yankee.

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cool vibrations.jpg
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stop making these threads
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I don't wanna stay but i don't wanna go.
You got to help me now!
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Is the MC as much of a wimp in the manga? Should I bother reading this trainwreck?
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The anime os pretty much a 1: 1 adaptation of the manga, the fuck are you talking about
Not once you find out what he really is in the manga

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I'm sick of seeing people say desu. When is it over?
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It died with its apex, Neon Genesis Evangelion.
no idea

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This is a 598 year old Vampire.
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that makes it okay bro.
I want crossboarder-kun to leave
dumb frogposter

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Toriyama can kiss my ass.
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>surprised a stupid person is stupid
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Fucking Goku

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Why is she a normie now?
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Use the other thread you worthless virgin
fuck off
kill yourself normalfag

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Nakano is a fucking retard.
No bully, she's a bit slower of mind.
I'm a bit pissed that it's taken so many 4komas to explore this "boo hoo I'm deluded" angle instead of Nakaono simply asking "hey, why did she look different in your head?" like any reasonable person would.

Thank fuckin' God for Mana though, Nakano really needed a good slap.

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Whoah. So this, is the power of Japanese romance.
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That's good. I can respect that. There's no need to hide your true intentions, just ask for that glorious impregnation and be done with it.

Looks like every otaku permavirgin's wet dream desu. But hey what do I know, I'm in the same camp.
Two more girls to go.
Being the only man in the world is sure busy.

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