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It's happening.
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It should have been a double page.
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Who is the best girl in all of anime of all time. Discuss and debate
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Riza Hawkeye cus badass
you just posted her faggot

>people still watch ecchi harems in 2017 and expect there to be literally any sort of romantic progression at all
I can only hope to be on this level of delusion.
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It's Isekai harem now gramps
>isekai harems can't be ecchi
i gave up on trying to find het romance manga because 90% off it was ecchi harems or 'love-comedies' that go for 70 chapters with no relationship progress
instead, it is much better to just read /u/ manga

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I looked up the casting for the long-awaited adaptation of the Alita manga, and apparently the lead actress is going to be a Mexican girl. What the fuck? Why are they doing this? I thought Hollywoodfags learned their lesson from GITS.
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>Hollywood execs learning their lesson
10 anime adaption films in a row would have to flop in order for that to happen.
What's the problem? What ethnicity is Gally supposed to be in the first place?

Not like Mexican is a race, anyway.
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Because the actress looks just like galley and is a real qt

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We can all agree these are the best anime of their respective season, right, /a/?

All that's left is seeing how good 3gatsu s2 ends up being so we can determine if Owari is AOTY or not.
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Natsume and Uchouten Kazoku were the best of last season.
Posting in the cancer bread.
owari is better than made in shit, that's for sure.

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you know the drill
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What sort of cocktail would you like tonight, anon?
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White Russian please

I will pay 1 silver
Hemlock, straight.
Don't pretend this is going to be an anime or manga related thread when barely anyone on /a/ has seen Bartender, much less is willing to discuss it.

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see you later, space cowboy
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I'm hit
So long, gay bowser

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Have you been eating well, anon?
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Fuck off Bitch
lemme eat ur pusy ume sama

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Was it rape?
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Can't rape the willing.
A2 route ranking
She enjoyed it

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>you wake up and you see this fat fuck standing next to your bed

What do you do?
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Be grateful I'm fat, old and ugly so I'm not getting raped to death.
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Ask him to grant me the magic wisdom I need to split twinks open the way he does.

Also ask if he's related to pic.
move from the mirror

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This is /our guy/ Roba-chan
Say something nice about him
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He can make any woman happy.
I hope he dies, painfully.

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Blue haired girls are ALWAYS the best girls from their respective series. This is indisputable fact.
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Indeed my friend
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But she's fat,

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I wish my mammy was Cammy!
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Do we deserve cammy?
I wish Camilla would poo in my mouth!
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i'd take advantage of that

They're going to milk this franchise until the end of time huh?
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>literally the most popular shounen series for more than 2 decades
Of course it's getting milked
I wonder how retarded will be the new villains in Dragon Ball Super Ultra Ultimate season 32
yep just like transformers and godzilla

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