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Previews are out. Are you ready for more boobs?

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Would waste all my points on paizuri services if I studied at that school
And that's why Ichinose implements her commie monetary policy.

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>But anon, you should stop posting these because it takes space away from my waifu threads
No need to worry friends, this is my last post here until season 3 is released. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow, next year, or next decade, but rest assured that I'll be back as soon as season 3 is announced. Until then, keep the hope and make sure to be productive members of society. But this is just the dream of a fool
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Sorry anon, but s3 isn't coming.
I'm reading the light novels and I'm having a fucking blast. I also read the konosuba light novels and they are fucking shit.
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Spice & Wolf reminds me of some of the happiest and most sad parts of my life.


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What happens in four days anon?
>what she said
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ask Casca

This is Dark Magician Girl.
Please say something nice to her.
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Master Piss, attack that whore!
When did we ever see Dark Magician Girl feets?
i prefer delicious brown magician girl.

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ITT:Anime that are to intelligent for you.
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tfw 2 inteligente too watch animal
I love this shit
A shame you can watch the whole anime in 30 minutes.

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Shu and Inori deserved a happy ending, don't you agree?
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The cripple was better.
I liked that dumb bitch who got herself killed.
You mean Shirley?

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ITT: Anime with a god-tier OST
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koukaku no pandora
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The best.
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Why do people call it Puella Magi?
What the fuck is wrong with Mahou Shoujo?
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Traditionally Mahou Shoujo have stupid names, so they gave Madoka a stupid name too.
Because Puella Magi Madoka Magica is it's original title
Also learn latin
Are there really no other anime with mahou shojo in the title? There must be some.

>I think I figured it out!
>commercial break
>I figured it out!
>You did it! Here's how
"heh, very creative but you have no evidence"
>Actually I do, here is my evidence
"Oh you got me, here's why I did it"
>episode immediately ends

I'm only on Season 3, are all 900 episodes like this?
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Just skip the filler episodes if you get burnt out so easily.
Not all, but maybe 95%. Then there's the 5% that are Kaitou Kid, Black Org or Tokyo love story episodes.
I just think its weird that every episode follows this formula. I was mostly wondering if at some point they at least keep the episode going for a minute or two after the criminal explains why they did it, they always just immediately end the episode with no reactions from anyone

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Why don't more JAV actresses have appearances in anime/manga?
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whores are gross, op
Not all JAV actresses are whores
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It´s okay if it´s Korean?

How do you feel about pure centaur maidens?
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we need more monster girl shows
I want to fuck both of these horse pussies.

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What does her poo smell like?
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digested banana
Smells like shit.
Potassium and cheap metal from all the Hot Wheels she shoved up there.

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This is your game tonight
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Nice picture of sand and dust.
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Chiaki a best. A BEST.
I figured this show wouldn't be popular but I didn't think the threads would be this dead.

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How come shit like Dies Irae and Code:Realize gets an anime adaptation while the greatest VN ever written gets nothing.
Pic related.
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Your taste = shit
Because it's shit.
It's better written than anything else to come out of Japan for atleast two decades.

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Is Ueno the epitome of Japanese beauty?
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Image stolen from <Kono boardo>
Except she is ugly as fuck.
Yeah sure Nagatsuka.

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