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Do you get tired of high school protagonists?
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we're all tired of them, but we hardly have a choice in the matter, we are at the mercy of the nips' poor tastes
Not any more than I get tired of shonen-like combat protagonists, etc.
It's more the setting then the characters them self. I'd avoid the whole school setting, if it weren't so unavoidable in Japanese media. However sometimes the age of the characters makes them unbearably ignorant of adult things. Not sex, but just other ways to solve a conflict that a high school student has no frame of reference for. Wisdom of age, even if it is only a few years in reflection.


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Better with every episode.
wtf I fucking love cheeeeeerio now

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Tendou > Aguri > Nina > shit > Chiaki
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Great taste, m8
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Do you think that the new season of Cardcaptor Sakura will be as good or better than the original? I know one word that would instantly make it 10/10 for me. Ikuhara
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>same director
>same VAs
>same studio
It will not fail.

Will we have the magic again?

ova subs when?

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Seems we get more Koume in the next RW parts.
Since her character got pretty much nothing to do in the series, that's nice, or how do you see it?
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Well, the link doesn't work, it's the thread on /k/.
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Koume is very cute and kissable, OP. She's my first non-Nishizumi character in GuP besides Erika, Nonna, and Mika.
>My favorite Non-Nishizumi

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dumping I guess
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doesn't she attend school?

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Its good but only the first half is worth watching.
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Yeah, its nice.
Other than excessive edge in the middle parts and absolutely retarded talk in the ending, it was enjoyable to watch.
Hypnotik is GOAT.

>Let's leave it to whatever higher being there is
"Consider deep sea chimneys"
>So you be saying we were gods and sheit??¿?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Legendary Goddess.png
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I'll just leave the legendary goddess here. Congratulations, just spotted the legendary goddess.
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I'm bored.
Thanks doc.
Can the mods stop ruining things edition.

Is she a flat character?
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She has better tiddies tho
We need more Gunbuster doujinshi.

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The miracle of the universe
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I try to find good nee-san manga to read but there's just very little out there that's any good. It's a shame that other kinds of characters get more attention.
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What excuse do you have to not read the demon nee-sama?
Fuck off.

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The PTSD arc is still the best thing ever written
but you're wrong. Sumika's reveal was the greatest. Never would have guessed it based on it always being in the background
The twist was kinda good especially with the Kasumi false flags but you can't beat that unending pit of despair. Takeru begging for death got me good.

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This is the peak of all magical girl/idol anime.

There needs to be more appreciation for this smug witch.
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The remake blew. We're never getting anymore good first series komugi.
There was no remake.
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The remake is the worst thing to exist.

Hey onii-chan, I've got some Almond Crush Deluxe Pochi over here. You can have some if you want, just follow me.
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You're not my sister, fuck off.
I don't trust it.

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violet evergarden.jpg
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This isn't even anime. This transcends anime. This is European arthouse cinema in serial form.
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>dude bloom lmao
>dude just another shitty LN adaptation
Cant wait for this shit to get blowout the water by some random cgi show
I'm so sick of KyoAni being successful
More like cereal form if you know what I mean

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reminds weebs of what they never had/would have.
was good but not as good as the manga. the manga thou ugh best shit ever man, one of my top 10
Nigga you need to watch more anime.

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