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so ive been trying to get into the monogatari series for a long time. probably two years. i havent even finished bake yet. its so boring. its all dialogue. is it like this the whole time?
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Yes it is. This is not the show for you.
i thought it was really boring at first but after a couple of episodes i just started watching it for the philosophical talks. Some of them are sort of nonsense, but some of it was pretty interesting. I do think they drag out the dialogue longer than it needs to be sometimes though.
Also the ending episodes are always worth watching the beggining ones. I cant say this series has ever ended on a bad season.
If you feel it this way, just drop it.

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What went wrong?
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Kubo had shit taste and forgot about her
Was she a lesbo? or straight? completely forgot about this bitch.
Kubo forgot, but honestly, he forgot so many things.

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Can somebody recommend me some anime to watch? I watched all the available Boku No Hero Academia episodes that are out right now

I also tried watching that show called "Gamers" because it seemed up my alley. The first episode was pretty comfy and relatable to me, but the second episode devolved into some stupid relationship drama bullshit that ruined the comfiness. I just wanted a show about gamers trying to have fun with their hobby.

Anyway, any other shows you guys would recommend?

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In the event that you aren't meme-ing right now:
>>>/wsr/ would be a better place to post this.
Sword Art Online, it's also about video games and the best anime ever made.

>Watching anime.
>Not reading manga.

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Which is better? The manga, light novel or anime?
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All have the same rushed to shit ending so who cares.
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I liked the manga for the art, plus the story was that same crack they always make
It's about the journey, not the destination.

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How was this approved?
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Because it makes money and who is going to tell them no? Fans who want to see their favorite franchise grow and become better? lmao, they're the ones enabling this insult to begin with.
Because of laws, target audience, and fucking money.
That's a cute chubby lolibutt.

Was he really evil?
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can't believe people still crave chapters of this dead horse of a series. the 2016 anime was alright but 2017 was just daycare with guts-chan. just let the series die, it blows.
No. His guilt about failing to achieve his goal despite sacrificing so many people basically made him snap, so he had to sacrifice the Band of the Hawk, otherwise all of the efforts of both him and his men would have been meaningless. That's how I see it.
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ho old are you m8 berserk is widely considered a cult classic for a reason even among casuals



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Yoshi is streaming as he draws the next chapter.

Is that the chapter we're getting in September, or is that the chapter for October? There wasn't a chapter last month, right?

Can anyone understand what he's saying about Ballroom?
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For some reason it's not a tournament arc chapter, it's people sleeping in temples. Pedogoddess is back too.
Also, hilariously, Yoshi watches House of Cards.
>Ancient ass version of photoshop running on windows XP
>running the DOS fork of Xclock
This fucking madman knows how it's done.

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This Mexican goddess was the best character in the show
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>haha I've got big bobs and I'm a shotacon
Wow yeah what an interesting multifaceted character that we haven't seen a hundred times before
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Time to vote
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>no utaha
>two Tohkas
Sento is too sexy in a bikini.

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Discussing as in throwing shit at each other
Discussing as in posting lewds of my favorite girls
Discussing as in having ship wars over and over.

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Kobato Hasegawa just offered you her pantsu, will you take them?

I sure as hell am.
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Thanks, I'll wear it with pride.
in a flash.

What would I, a grown male, do with some loli's pantsu?

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remember me?
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No, purin~
please no

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Karen is such a good friend!
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Chika is pretty.
Kanan really did nothing wrong.

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>tfw I'm one year older than Guts now

Its a weird feeling

What did she mean by this?
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she wants to be in shinji's harem
He was their last chance, and the power of the dick can override all things.
Shinji is a wimp that won't do anything

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