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you lose.jpg
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You lost.
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That's cheating.
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shit I lost

The second watching was just as disappointing as the first.
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tru dat
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still one of the best looking.
>still one of the best looking
2 hours of animated explosions.

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Which is your favorite mediocre/bad anime?
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Deadman Wonderland or Charlotte
Code Geass

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Code Geass is literally the best anime ever. Modern-day Shakespeare. You haven't forgotten, have you?
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Suzaku sunglasses.png
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I just finished R2 today. It was really, really awful. What the fuck, how do people like this show so much? Season 1 was alright, but R2 was absolutely terrible.
More like code gay ass lmao

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So, what happened to the Kurosawa remake? Haven't heard any news about it for years.
this new version of suguwa makes my dick hard
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>fatter thighs
Why would it need a remake to begin with?
Where did her nose go?

>want to get into X anime because i hear good stuff about it
>900 epiosodes
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Get into it anyway
What's the problem? I read 875 chapters of One Piece in less than 2 weeks
Whats the point of getting into something that you cant really talk about on /a/?
Its not like you watch anime for the sake of watching anime.

ITT: "villains" whomst did NOTHING wrong
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Why does he look so bad in this image?
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Sasuke did something wrong.

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shirou heavens feel.jpg
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Do you still trust Ufotable for Heavens Feel /a/ ?


>Tales of Zestiria

>God Eater

>Cash grab fujobait swordsmen

Has all been failures as an adaptation. Or is it time for Type Moon to look for a new studio in the future in preparation of the best Fate series that is Strange/Fake?
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i have no hopes, past several ufotable adaptations were shit, only 3 movies, the trailers sucked
nah I want ufo to make the insane fight of Enkidu and Gil
>shit talking godeater after e10
This gotta be bait

Season 2 when?
Manga continuation when?
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Next week
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Best Girls.jpg
2MB, 2299x3000px
>Season 2 when?
>Manga continuation when?
Super extra never because the writer died.
Author is dead

>Moriarty is an old man instead of a cute girl

What was Nasu thinking?
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Elementary already did the genderbent Moriarty
How stupid is nasu
Fujos need a bigger ground to play.

So what was exactly a "prince" anyway?
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Virgin hunter
A typical ideal man that did not exist
but in the end utena turned into one

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Have you heard the OST yet?
Because i did.
It's awesome.
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Chariots theme and all the various reprisals/versions are my favorite part of the OST.
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>Pizza Delivery!

Keep forgetting but now i am
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Extremely important information gathering.
No more hiding in the dark, lets see who's really in these threads.


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>character falls
>curses in Korean
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>Korean character in an anime tries to form words
Silly Japs, they know full well dogs can't talk.
Name 1(one) anime where this happens.
When has this ever happened?

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tfw reminded of an old Christian anime I watched when I was like five by finding an image on SadPanda.
So who else here remembers Superbook also the dope ass opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOzWF6drrqw [Embed]
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My granny used to torture me with these. I think she either bought or rented these from some christian flea market
Entirely possible "What's that he likes those Ni- I mean Japanese shows? This outta be great for starting him back onto the right path then."
We had both Superbook and Flying house on local TV.

File: WelcometotheNHK22.jpg (16KB, 400x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've just finished the anime and it was a hell of a ride.
What do you think about it?
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characters were sort of flat aside from the mc, but otherwise i thought it was pretty good
Think for yourself, vermin.
The original novel was better, but I still enjoyed the anime, especially the OST.

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