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Does /a/ even care about Digimon anymore?
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I actually just ordered my digi-crest

I admit I do need to catch up on Tri,
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The new series looks more like a giant advertisement than anything else
Digimon anime has always been an advertisement for other shit. It's the same as any kids show.

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what dish would you make for Asuka to impress her?
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Cyanide eggs benadict.
Some kraut and wurst.
go pray to your toilet mentally unstable kun

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best amime
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lets all love lain
what's wrong, faggot?

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How will Tanya survive in Weimnar Republic?
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>No proper Tanya femdom doujins
>Only one with decent art is rape/mindbreak/ryona/guro
I don't even know why I expect anything good from the doujin market these days.
I want a doujin where Being X takes the form of Tanya's old body and fucks her while she's pissed and plotting how to kill him
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Eh, I'd settle for a good Tanya and Rerugen doujin.

Will there ever be another Blood anime?

Also Blood thread, which one is your favorite?
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I like blood C for the comedy and blood + for nostalgia
I'm not watching some shit where people have nigger lips
Blood C with canon first manga Saya.

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I just got caught up with the Gakkou Gurashi manga. At the end of the translated version on http://www.mangahere.co/manga/gakkou_gurashi/c059/ there was news about something called kirara fantasia. I went to their website but I cant read japanese. From what I can tell its some kind of crossover game/story. How are they gonna do a crossover that makes sense with characters from New Game! and Gakkou Gurashi considering the differences in tone and setting (new game being a happy universe and gakkou being a zombie apocalypse hellscape)
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Fantasia has its own tone and setting.

>How are they gonna do a crossover that makes sense with characters from New Game! and Gakkou Gurashi considering the differences in tone and setting
It's not canon. It's just a crossover game.
Ive already been to the website, I cant read it

I still dont understand too much about whats going on with this?

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What anime character has the best knockers?
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bait for lulu.jpg
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We need more Necro in our lives

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Misunderstandings go on and on!
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Chiaki a best. A BEST.

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Little Witch Academia reaction image thread
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If you are not going to dump anything yourself, use >>>/wsr/.
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Currently stockpiling
Not exactly common

Whoever drew this three years ago, turned out to be completely right. Congrats. New Big Two is One Piece and BnHA.
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This is the cringest thing on /a/ I've seen all week. Also you're a faggot OP
Go back to : reddit , facebook, 9gag etc
You forgot go back to Gaia.

Can we talk about this? It looks like animators are still getting raped.

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Why should /a/ care?
The freelance animator (mostly inbetweeners) can be replaced without any issue with foreign labor (China,SK).
There's an even better choice: it can be automated.
Tweening has been a thing for a while with variable degrees of success. Some American cartoons to this (or used to), but it still looks obviously rigid and blocky.

Anime is still operating on an older model of animation where a lot of it is still done domestically as opposed to the US and other Western countries which outsource everything by storyboards and keys. The US model is cheaper by and large and the quality doesn't necessarily suffer for it, however it requires a longer lead time, I believe, in order to do everything, even when it's done digitally. This is mostly just another thing Japan is sort of stuck in the past in.

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Since Ako is a meme, does this mean that Rin is the true enkou queen?
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Rin's position is a meme too cause she's PURE







And I 100% missed a few threads. This is getting really boring, your spam threads are short and uninspired. Bye.
You're just fueling him at this point.

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Friendly reminder to not stare directly into the sunshine.

Wide thread
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>First season was 10 years ago
>Last season was 5 years ago
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1999 my school decided that we had to go to a place in Germany to watch a full solar eclipse. At home the eclipse would not have been 100% perfect. People at home saw it. I saw that it got dark and bright again because the sky was overcast.

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Look at this nep thread
maybe dal and fff as well
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Blanc >= Nep > Nep Jr > etc >>>>> ploot

>[HorribleSubs] Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou - 08 [720p]

Anyone watching this?
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I don't like the next mini-arc that much.
I am.
I'm about to drop it, still got last week's episode unwatched and while I usually dont care much about the mc in anime I watched and just see the story as a whole, this nigga is shit, sorry for the lack of words there.

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