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>bullying a blind little girl

Not even two nukes would fix Japan's overwhelming cruelty and autism.
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It's her fault for not having the foresight to see it coming
How do we fix American overwhelming cruelty and hypocrisy?
Are you aware that those two nukes killed many little girls? Probably some were blind too.

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She did it again.
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What did she do?
Got away with it

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Post your favorite anime and your IQ

>Himouto Umaru-chan
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Serial Experiments Lain, 70.

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Marley Chapters suck and its not because I'm a lamefag but because they have no plot progession
Prove me wrong
>You migiht be able to
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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you are not wrong, the flashbacks are redundant with little new info.

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Coping with the fact that they never win.
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>never win
trying to cope
>get raped
>get ran over by a car

If you didn't cry you're defective
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baby's first 2deep4me
I didn't cry, what now?
>crying over cartoons
Do Americans actually do this?

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*Munch Munch*
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*cham cham cham*

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Are there any characters you refuse to fap to no matter how sexy they are?
Pic related. I refuse to fap to her because I respect her too much.
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what greater respect can be paid?
living a lie, OP
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The author is dead, so go right ahead.

Most of the doujins of her are pretty dull. And that kinda sucks since the male mc could transform into a shota and a female.
I never fapped to my waifu

Will there be a second season of Eromanga?

I want to see a crossover with OreImo. Kirino drawn in this animation would be 10/10.
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shameless self bump
bumpity boppity
bump shameless self

What happened to Haruhi? Couldn't stop hearing about it in 07/08.

Did the writer ever finish the books? Or was the backlash from the Endless Eight anime too strong? I thought the movie earned back a lot of goodwill from fans and merch was still selling for awhile.
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the writer got bored and stopped writing it, probably never had an ending in mind
>Kyoani's movie is loved by everyone
>Author writes one of the best books in the series, concluding the biggest arc so far
>Franchise is crazy popular and loved
>Author does nothing for 6 years
>Haruhi hunting
>Fucking Yuki-chan
>Fans are now jaded and tired while Kadokawa jews wont let a season 3 happen because no new LN to promote
>A fan nicknamed ALS-kun dies waiting for season 3, at least he's not suffering anymore like the rest of us
IIRC he did but didn't know how exactly to get to that ending

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>video game mechanics
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who are you quoting?
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>NEET characters

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>[HAS] Gabriel DropOut - Volume 1 [BD 810p AAC]
Anyone order a volume of Gabriel Dropout, sans shitty CR memes?
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this was the original.
Fuck off.
I beg your pardon?

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What did /a/ think of Keijo?
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It's in my top 3
I want her to sit on my face, also doujins never
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It was Ass-mazing

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How come you don't have a cute yuri daughteru?
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Who says I don't?
>implying Yuuna doesnt enjoy dick
She'll learn soon enough
She enjoys Togo's huge futa dick. She would have been out of the wheelchair twice as fast if not for that.

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The big question:
Who is cuter, Beato or Chise?
Under normal circumstances Chise but Beato is cuter when bullied.

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