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same girl.png
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You can't possibly defend this.
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What is supposed to be wrong with that?
arr rook same
none of them look all that similar desu. there's better examples if kyoani sameface than this.

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Friendly reminder that ATOM is our anime and that we need to support it.
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what is this?
why dont you post a gif or webm?
Why should I support something that has zero context in support for /our anime/.
just leave.
Was ok but that nose grabbing at the end was extremely gay
Why did they castrate Jehuty?

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>killing one figurehead alone leads to world peace
Maybe not ending on that stupid note isn't such a bad idea?
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I think he said it was world peace just long enough for the world to try and rebuild itself.
Indeed. Just like the ending of Watchmen.
No fucking way I will watch everything a forth time. I hope they have a really long recap episode.

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Season 2 in 2018
Spin-off this year.

Thread theme: https://youtu.be/lcYz91OyplA
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New best girl confirmed!
I want a dan fei cocksleeve!
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Better look on new characters!

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entire dragon ball super

Any of the schtustaffel volstandigs in bleach.

Another week, two more satisfied customers.
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Fuck this show and fuck everyone who enjoys this shit. You're the epitome of what's wrong in this world
I'm even watching the old series
What's wrong with liking warau salesman?
I'd get if you didn't like the series but what's up with
>You're the epitome of what's wrong in this world
geez, it's just anime.

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Make or request /a/rt
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Old thread >>155422286
Feel free to add more suggestions.
Requesting a Crossover of Toramaru from Rurouni Kenshin and Notari MatsutarĊ from Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro both in a sumo match, possible grabbing the sides of each others mawashis. Full Color please.

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Do you miss Mizuki yet?
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Yes, anime when?
I do.
Is the manga still being translated?
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every day

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>Manga whose whole point is about how much a human with enough will is able to fight against super-human monsters and beat them
>fast-forward 15 years
>hero can wear a magical armor that gives him super-human powers so he can go toe-to-toe with super-human threats
What did Miura mean by this?
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Well , a lot changed in berserk (if you ask me , even the genre , it became more fantasy) and I think it's mostly because Miura got old and changed his views , hell , even the artstyle change . I still hope for something dark pretty soon tough
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i think the point is the berserker armor makes him even more mentally vulnerable, and its clearly not invincible, he would have gotten BTFO without loli witch carrying his ass

but you right tho
had to find a way for guts to fight demi gods

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Samon 77
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Who is the most powerful of the four?
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The mage that can cast regular magic and dark magic.
Laius stacks the most classes, Senshi has the finest gear and Marcille has the highest power output. Bilbo Baggins on the far left is only good at avoiding trouble.
Isnt Senshin immune to that though

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Which blondie do you pick?
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Why do Nazis love those people?

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I miss Flying Witch.
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Rewatch it then
Me too.
>Listening to ost while you do random chores
>life improves 200%

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Was this an asspull?

Can rubber really be immune against 100 million volts?
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>Can rubber really be immune against 100 million volts?
But what if its a Super Human Rubber?
It's as possible as a guy eating a fruit that grants him reality-bending powers

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Chronological or broadcast?
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Fuck off.
Depends how you feel, really.
If you think you can handle not understanding everything that happens and putting the pieces of the puzzle together afterward, broadcast. But be attentive to notice changes in character. You get a climax in ep 14 and after ep 28 with the movie.
If you want clarity which might come slightly at the expense of the story/pacing balance, but will showcase character development more clearly, take chronological. You get a (slightly weakened) climax early on and the real payoff is from ep 25-26 to the movie.

In both cases : watch ep 0, the Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina, before starting. It's the one that starts with this stupid opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IHoFk3HHcM and while it's effectively the first episode in broadcast order, chronological order made it episode 25, and it's not okay.
chronological because that rain episode is so great, best way to end the show

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