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Anon who posts the person with the best ass wins I'll start
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Not even the best butt in her family, to say nothing of her show.
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>No Satsuki
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This aired a few days ago but apparently nobody is talking about it.
I thought the first episode was nice.
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Spoilers ruined everything.
>manga adaptation
This is why we can't have nice things
There are some things that are impossible to spoil because of shear complexity.

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If your waifu is posted, do 10 pushups
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i can do that shit with one hand but probably not with my left
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>Just 10
Should be more
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You're welcome to do more than 10

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Why are anime lolis so cute and lovable?
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Your motherly instincts kick in whenever you run in to one completelt alone in the wild
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4chan lolis.jpg
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It's fucking over. Do you feel Kyoani did this one justice even with all of the changes?
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stop being a baby about it & go read the manga
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original camp tent
Left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I'm glad I watched this series.

Why do people like Benten?
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Femme fatale.
She's "evil" but also not, the show reveals just enough about her character to give us ideas while the rest is left up to our imagination. Most interesting character in the show, to me.

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Wanted to update this list with recent stuff, this is what I considered

> Space Dandy
> Hoozuki no Reitetsu
> Ping Pong
> Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
> Kiseijuu
> Shirobako
> Akatsuki no Yona
> Death Parade
> Osomatsu-san
> Rakugo
> Re:Zero
> 91 Days
> Yuri on ice
> Flip Flappers
> ACCA: 13

thoughts? something that should be removed or added?
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/a/ will never accept Shigatsu.
I guess the consensurr for Ping Pong at least is pretty good, so you can add it.
Interesting recommendation chart, but seems low on old stuff.
And just place Chihayafuru under sports.
Oh, and nothing wrong with adding Shirobako.
> Space Dandy
> Ping Pong
> Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
> Kiseijuu
> Shirobako
> Osomatsu-san
> Rakugo
> Flip Flappers

> Hoozuki no Reitetsu
> Akatsuki no Yona
> Death Parade
> Re:Zero
> 91 Days
> Yuri on ice
> ACCA: 13
I just noticed it lacks K-On.
Big flaw.

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Forewarning: If you're the type of anon who can't bear with the mistranslations/shit grammar from the previous chapters, turn back now, because I fully expect this specific chapter will be absolute torture for you.

Hello Abyss - 27 - "Forbidden Flower Garden"

"Reg! Be careful."
"He's an Umbra Hand."

"An underling of the Lord of Dawn, Bondrewd!"

Nanachi and Mitty's

"He disappeared...!?"

"The footsteps!! It's to your front right!!"
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"The scream from before..."
"Was it your doing?"

"Say something!!"

"They'll wake up."

"It's true that I caused it."
"These grounds have been declared as [forbidden] for over 60 days..."
oh boy, the best part of the day is here. thank you
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Glad you can join.


"So you entered without knowing."
"No, it's no wonder you did."

"Don't drop it again."

This is...
The Everlasting Hammer...!?

"I'm repeating this."
"These grounds are [forbidden]. Let the hairy one and her friend know too."

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>little girls that are actually adult men
What is the appeal of this trope?
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I think we all know the appeal
Raping them into accepting their fate.
Betas fantasize of being small and cute and pinned down and stuffed with cocks.

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Can they just open the preorders. The wait is killing me. Also Kirie is best hentaifu.
Just got this sega prize figure
Her dress looks so nice and silky

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So, the best girl is basically guaranteed to win, right? Jesus, just look at her, you would have to be complete sociopath to deny her the Kiyoshi's D. Not to mention she came out of nowhere in last chapter and now we will have at least a few chapters with her and Kiyoshi alone. Shit's about to go down.
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It sure is
nah chiyo will
what happened?

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Post top tier teachers
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2/10 bait.

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Did anybody else find the first 6 episodes of this series to be far less engaging than the 18 that followed? I only successfully completed Shirobako on my 3rd attempt because I kept losing interest during the first 6 episodes. When I finally pushed through to the end, I finally understood why it was so popular - the second cour in particular being great stuff.

Were there any similar sentiments expressed when it was airing?

Pic related is best girl.
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I loved from episode 1 on, but the second cour is indeed better.
The only thing that the second cour does worse than the first is less Erica screentime, who is indeed best girl.
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>The only thing that the second cour does worse than the first is less Erica screentime, who is indeed best girl.
Yeah, it's sorta strange that the situation with her father didn't really go anywhere other than conveniently removing her from the cast so that new characters could be brought in.

Her return made for a great scene though.
I was hooked from the very first episode thanks to the driving scene.

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An Alarm echoes through the facility.
The bridge is far away from Emma's place.
'So what now?' asks a flustered Ray.
Emma has no intention to head to the bridge.

Don throws two or three ropes with stones at their end around to the opposite shore (beyond the cliff) and they tangle in the trees.
To erase the groups anxieties, Don overcomes the cliff, by sliding down the ropes.
The children confirm that he's safe and copy him using a PET bottle rocket, one by one.

Ray is speechless. Even this was planned by Norman.
One of the children is scared, so Ray holds it and moves to the other side as well.
Mama searches with everything she got, but can't find any of the children. When Mama climbed up the wall, the kids already crossed the cliff.
Emma disappears as the last person into the forest of the outside world waving goodbye to Mama, who can't see her.

[The Kids are free now and the Katana Demons won't even find them.]
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That easily? No fucking way.
>Ray is speechless. Even this was planned by Norman.
God I hope Norman never comes back. Fucking Gary Stu.
what? I mean the bridge is suicide since it would be full of demons but is the cliff really that short?
would be pretty underwhelming

Queens Blade Staff does it again.
I can finally say I'm home again.
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Which Queens blade series is this from?
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not this one baka.gif
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Don't tell me good ecchi is back

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