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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will include the Speed Duel format used in Duel Links and offered by Konami as a part of Dueling. It is unconfirmed whether it will be in reality or VR. We will clarify this as soon as there is more information.

For those curious about Speed Duels, we’ll go over a quick summary

The Left and Rightmost parts of the field are not used.
20 card Main Deck
Up to 5 cards in your Extra Deck.
Extra Monster Zones still exist.

Literally "Arc-V was a mistake, Delet this: The series"
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best danish.jpg
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>Arc-V was so bad that Konami is changing the ruleset to make sure no one can use Pendulum ever again
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Hacker KARASU when?
Buy Links™

Best MS design, realistic background, focus on bloody melee battle(no beam shit) and cruel story-line.

It was BEST Gumdam wasn't it?
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>Focus on melee
Awesome! Instead of 1 hit beam attacks we got the barbatos 1 hit stomping every enemy mech in melee! So different and epic!
1 hit melee rape is much more hype
It's literally the exact same as something you just complained about

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mine is
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I like pretending that I am a retard for human interaction on 4chan even if it is negative.
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But Re:zero is the thinking man's anime.
what a coincidence, isekai is mine too.

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new chapter out http://readms.net/r/a_trail_of_blood/04/4189/1
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she's gonna murder all of those who laughed
I don't get it either wouldn't he have fallen if she didn't hold him? why is she the one saying sorry and everyone is laughing
Is the cousin a literal faggot?

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why this studio trying so hard to be like Kyoani ? Have they no shame?
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>P.A work

No they don't.
Sakura's Quest > Kobayashi the Dragon Maid
>Kyoani invented cute girls

Aaah you Kyoaniggers. Next thing you're going to patent breathing.

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Did they reveal that he actually has a Sharingan that he's been hiding all this time yet?
I really would love it if Zoro actually has a working eye under that scar some how.
You should try to hold a sword with your teeth, i did

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Do you like it?
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Okay, /a/. Who the hell is Daiz? Google only gives me bald Cameron Diaz.
watch the anime and you will understand
I thought that OPM S2 was on fall.

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You ever get the feeling that isekai authors are so socially awkward that the only way they can even imagine hanging out with women is if they're slaves?

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yep. if the woman is a slave she can't NTR you, leave you or reject you. It's literally the ultimate in beta fagotry.
with japan its always slaves, harems, slave harems, and how great japanese food is. with china its face, cultivation, and killing a whole family cause someone slighted the main character.
Haha I wish
Its almost never fucking slaves I can think of like maybe 5 or 6, with Himekishi ga Classmate being the only actually nitable example.
I should get back to reading that actually.

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>relearning traditional chinese to read the LN
>learning simplified to read the manga
>trying to learn moon runes to read raws
Has a thirst for lolis and tigers ever motivated anyone this much?
I hope they fuck at least once in canon
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why would you do this
>liking shimakaze this much

OP said he likes loli, not shota

This episode was 10/10.
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So who's gonna kill it?
that dance animation was stunningly beautiful
This girl was 10/10.

I wanna protect his smile.
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as you should
How long until he goes full nuclear?

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Why is my wife Eriri so cute?
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Because of the twintails
Eriri s shit. A SHIT.

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What's her height?
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Probably like 5'6" or something. Most women are that height anyways
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Shorter than Anna.

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Kuzu no Honkai.jpg
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Just finished this, great show. I like how realistic this anime portray relationships, just like real life.
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Hanabi 1.jpg
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Real life Hanabi.
File: Hanabi 2.jpg (105KB, 1024x727px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hanabi 2.jpg
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Hanabi 3.jpg
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What happened?
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English please

We can't read Japanese.
>Dick joke
Increase in Twitter followers over the past day for anime official Twitter accounts.

In other words it's fucking nothing.

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