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A long time ago, we had shit like Berserk, Akira, and Bokurano, (the manga, not the anime) and now the genre, or what's left of it, is flooded with mediocre edgelord pandering like Akame no Kill, Mirai Nikki, and Re:Zero.

Is the genre of sad and disturbing feels dead, lads?
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Probably, because there's far too many faggots who like Moeshit, monster girls, SoL, things like that. Instead of a good story, they want a Harem manga about a guy who fucks a horse or whatever, or a story about lolis doing nothing interesting, and panders to pedophiles.

Akira nowdays is shit because of how much its tropes have been abused.
probably because grimdark is too edgy nowadays and/or has been completely replaced by grimedge

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Which one needs Araragi more?
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Well Shinobu needs Aarararagi to live
No she doesn't.
> “Of course, after successfully ridding his body of all its vampire elements, if my master no longer wishes to become a vague existence neither human nor vampire, I shall retract my wish. After healing that arm of his, I shall hide myself away in a mountain to live the life of a hermit.”
“Not happening.”
Before Gaen-san could respond, I spoke my piece.
“There aren’t any Mister Donut stores in the mountains, Shinobu.”
“Ah, true.”

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Come now, /a/. Was it really all that bad?
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I don't know
Nah I liked the manga. Just take it for what it is: shonen.

do people actually read 1k+ chapters of.... boxing??

what the fuck drives people to reading this?
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whats the confusion op?
Boxing used to be THE sport back in the day
I don't see how 1k chapters of boxing can be entertaining enough to keep people reading.

Shingeki no Kyojin 92 full raw out.


We finally get based Reiner and Zeke.
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Annie a cute
>that Reiner


Reminder that both the manga and LN of Youjo Senki has been licensed by Yen Press
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Season 2 when though
In a year I expect, just like Overlord
As long as they give it a competent translator.

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what is going on
I didn't even know the new epsidoe came out already
First for Sana making Minnie C fight a lava golem.

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Is Hyouka a well written show?
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Objectively yes
Could be worse.
Yes in terms of fleshing out and developing its characters.

I give it 10 minutes until that one faggot comes in to say that Satoshi calling himself a "database" and Oreki going by a dumb motto (which he plainly grows out of) undermines the whole thing.

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>2017, 5th Month: Collapse.

Is it happening?
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What went wrong with this adaptation? Other than fucking DEEN.

Also the manga was alright. Novel was still better though
At least the manga just outright fucking tells you the answer to every thing and not that bullshit open ending of the EP8 Ryukishi did. The only thing keeping the novel unbeatable at the top is the OST.
I want to deito Lucifer.

i'm watching k-on! for the first time, do you envy me /a/?
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not really, I haven't watched it either.
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Its really good

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1st episode soon.
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Let's start this, Oni a best
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My friend.
ETA on airing time?

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Cutey Honey?
I dunno, I thought it was pretty good.

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As promised in the last thread, I'll dump Chicha Koi Nikki chapter 1.
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There are 5 chapters translated so far.
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But the scanlations stopped almost 2 years ago.
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I hope someone will continue the scanlations for this series.

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Happy Lupin Sunday everybody.

>Favorite Character?
>Favorite Villain?
>Favorite Series?
>Favorite Episodes?
>Favorite Movies/OVAs/TV Specials?
>Favorite songs?
>Favorite Jacket?
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Do we really need a lupin general here? It seems like there's a thread every day, of:
>who likes lupin
>guess not
With the same pictures.
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>It seems like there's a thread every day
except when there hasn't been a Lupin thread in about 3 days.

If you don't like it, you don't have to take part. These threads always start off slow but a lot of times last over 24 hours.
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started posting thes earlier but never got around to posting the rest

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Anyone reading this? It seems fun.
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The manga is okayish, but you should read the WN instead.
Anime when?
Does the manga follow the WN or the LN?

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