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If you can only have one (1) maid to serve youfor the rest of your life out of these six, who would you pick? You may pick only one.
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glasses. looks professional as fuck.

slime meido

>slime sex
>lewd as fuk human form
>eats people I dont like
>easily cleans the house by consuming trash cause slime
>wont eat me cause im her goshujinsama

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I did it /a/. I didn't heed the warnings and continued to read it to the end. I think I lost some brain cells from reading this clusterfuck of events. I read the damn reviews and I didn't fucking give them a second look. I dove headfirst into this shit and came out a changed man. Fuck this shit. Someone recommend me something good, please. I feel dirty for reading absolute shit. I thought everything would be fine, but how wrong I was to assume that. Please take me to a happy place!
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I'm glad I read ahead in the raws when I found out the ending so I could avoid the entire shitstorm that happened in this piece of shit. What a stupid fucking ending.
Its not even that bad you little fagget
Are you mentally handicapped anon? It IS that bad

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>risk everybody you love and care about dying instead of partnering up with this guy

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Best theme.

None of it is in the manga, bones doesn't know how to write
He's REALLY annoying.

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Spoilers are out

Nene got the color page

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Wake me up when this match is over.
All of it, or just Nene vs Souma?
Well this chapter is all about Nene's dish

Next week will be Soma's

After that the results

After that hopefully Megishima and Isshiki

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Man do I love martial arts characters, nothing is as great as a good fisting.
It's like a horrific vision of the dystopian feminist future.
No, that's Prison School and that one doujins where girls fuck men in the ass with strapons and can use them as slaves in school and shit.

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what is definitively the greatest anime of all time?
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Probably the Fat Man series
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Boku no pico
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cmon. you know what it is

You waifu fags still remember Rem? What about that large tittied dragon from that anime last month? Who's the flavor of the season? That ero manga sensei girl? You'll forget about her after a week when her anime ends, guaranteed.
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Rem? Who's Rem?
Why is best girl Ram blue?

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I've been wondering this for a while since you SaeKano people seem to be into the girls

How do you feel about the MC

I found him horrible and dropped S1 at episode 3 just because of him

How do you deal with him? Do you actually like him?
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Episode 9 is him at his best.
He's literally as bad as Ichika and Ayato.

Also, Utaha a best. A BEST.
>my girl lost
>that means he's as bad as Ichika and Ayato

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Guess what it's a full arc
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At least he's finally back. People were bitching that Misaki and what's his face were completely forgotten.
whatshisface is probably up next after another infinitesimal step forward in JunxTomo.
I'd much prefer more of the other guy myself. Senpai just isn't that interesting when he's not interacting with Carol.

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What's wrong with being a solo player?
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MMO's aren't set up that way. You need a modicum of teamwork to get through most dungeons and raids.
I'm a lone wolf

Don't follow me you'll get hurt
you can't fulfill all the roles at once

it's not like you can tank all the damage and deal massive DPS;

MMO's just aren't built that

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>tfw theres no more of this
am the only one who even read this manga

would've been a cool anime desu
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You aren't the only one OP. I will not let this thread die without 1 reply. Why did this mangaka have to die but fucking Nisekoi guy is still walking?
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Tepuu isn't super popular but it definitely isn't unheard of.
Did the author actually die? I thought he was just really sick.
I heard he rushed the ending so it would be done before he died.

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it's time
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taking the cock up the ass does not count as defeating it.
>dipping the cock in your smelly shit
>not defeating it
Why is /a/ so obsessed with cocks?

Desu Desu Motherfucker
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Cute thread, OP
/a/ is only fun like once a week and its almost always retro threads
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>Gets dismembered, crushed, and mutilated
>Pure rage makes her possess suit and turn into burning demon cat girl

Just when I thought Cat Girl couldn't get any more based
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Guess no one read this then
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Great manga.

>Will he be able to turn back?

>Why did Elena get this way?

>What will Claire think when she gets to know that her boy melted with another cute cat girl?
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