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Can we get a food thread.

ITT we post the stills that make you want to get up for a snack
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>inb4 this turns into a ja/ck/ thread
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anything from cooking graffiti
Get out Onnit shill

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Reminder that Goku's name is "Gokou"
Beerus is "Beers"
Buu is "Boo"
Mr. Satan real name is "Mark"
17 and 18 names are "Lapis" and "Lazuli"
and nobody knows Turtle Hermit's name, same about his sister

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What do you think of No Game No Life and this pure, beautiful and intelligent princess Stephanie Dola?
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She could wear a dog costume, that would be great.
Enjoyable show.
Really nice color scheme.
Steph is best girl.
It's a shame the director fucked up a chance for a 2nd season with a non-canon ending.
I really liked the show. Great mix of humor and actual cool moments.

What was the canon ending?

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I'm dumping and nice thing I read last night. It starts off a little slow but ends up nice.
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Is Kuma Miko the first black comedy SOL?
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I really couldn't tell if they meant for the ending to be so horrible as a joke or they didn't even realize how sad it was
Should I watch this?
Kuma miko last few episodes were shit though, thanks to that shitty director for putting an original ending instead of following the manga.

>24 eps
>based on light novel
>already has a 2-part live action move adaption
>airs in 2 hrs
>no thread

Surely I'm not the only one looking forward to this more refined version of Charlotte
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Right here anon

Keeping the hype alive
yeah but is anyone even subbing this?

is this monstrosity still considered an anime today

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Anime was inspired by Western Cartoons, didn't you know?
Watching old stuff like this fills me with a strange sense of unease and fear.
Old anime is still anime.

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He just wanted to save the world.
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Having a narcissistic disorder and wanting to save the world at the same time is impossible
His entire complex was fucked the second he wrote down Lind L Tailor
No, he wanted to be the savior of the world. As >>156006151
points out, that's rather a big difference.

Which anime made you cry like a baby?
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sakamichi no apollon

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It was by far her most successful series and she ended it at just 13 volumes. Why? It could've easily gone on for a lot longer.

Poll for pic related: http://www.strawpoll.me/12764408
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i blame the head editor of the manga company she worked with... and with all that anti-loli legislation that was going on in Japan starting in 2008 and its culmination in 2013.

KnJ could have continued like ToLoveRu though,
Loli has never been illegal in Japan. Do you think Watashiya was just scared off into quitting the series because of the hubbub?

And do you agree the series ended too soon?
I really like how she started off as a cute girl, and then got a flabby butt as a teenager - as many girls do.

Great character dynamics, instead of making her perfect.

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This is a japanese black

Say something nice to her
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Incredibly unsexy.
You're incredibly gay
I dig that nig

Kuro is best girl and lewdest loli

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This was insanely disappointing
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Everything about this show suggested that it was going to be just as terrible as it actually was. I have no idea how anyone could have been looking forward to this.
I expect shit but am still somehow disappointed
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Excuse me sir, but Adagaki Aki is cute!

Is there anything more boring and generic than a tournament arc in anime?
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Tournament arcs are never not great
>Heaven's arena
Hot springs episode

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So what'll come first? Decent subs or the heat death of the universe?
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They were updated for whatever reason. They're not shit now.
that's good to see though I'd rather they just take their time and get it right in on go
Why does Japan always ruin MC voices with whiny faggots?

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