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Where the hell is the episode? It has been out on CR for hours. HS needs to up it's game.
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Shibata episode next week so Hosoya will guest.

Inoue Kazuhiko should be happy.
Reiko is a gross whore
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What was her upbringing like?
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Violent and lonely
>Hubby, don't you think Constanze should be learning to talk by now?

>Hubby, all the other kids are saying complete sentences, yet she hasn't said a word yet!

>Hubby, I'm just not getting this autism thing quite yet. It's been 2 years since we found out, yet it just doesn't seem like I can connect with her.
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Parents were always away on business so her father, the descendent of a long line of German mechanics and tinkerers, built a team of robots to be her caretakers. She soon learned advanced engineering and mathematics from them, and began tinkering with the robot's programming herself once she got old enough, allowing her to leave the family estate without them notifying her parents. Eventually she reached the limits of her capabilities as a tinkerer with the limited resources available to her, and has turned to magic to augment her technical capabilities, leading her to enroll at Luna Nova. Being raised by robots has made normal human interaction difficult, but she's found companions in fellow misfits Amanda and Jasminka regardless.

Or at least that's my headcanon.

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Y'all ready for Horse Pussy MK II?

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Brother you don't even know dawg.
Genocide, politically correct police state, aliens/abductions/x-files shit, cloak and dagger operations happening in the background
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Where was she even going with this story? Thought she was gonna fight the class rep angel

Am I getting fucking memed on or is this show actually good? Episode 1 and 2 fucking blew ass.
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It was the best lily anime last season
I'd say try to get through one more but I just have the feeling you can probably skip it
if you're a poser, don't bother

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What is the most foreshadowed plot device or plotline in all of manga/anime history?

Pic related I think. 17 years to get to Rin's story and it was all planned out.
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Ah My Godess
Rin was a literal who until Obito was revealed, and only then did people think "if Rin is gone she's probably dead, and Obito is probably mad about it"

Rin wasn't on anyone's radar for years between her story arc and Obito's reveal
Conan returning to normal. Casca returning to normal. The Futari Ecchi couple having a fucking kid already. etc.

I regret putting this series off until now. Did /a/ burn to the ground the day this episode aired?
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Nah, most already dropped the show before that ep aired.
Really? Seems like something /a/ would have watched.
Lies, /a/ was completely down for the body-swap arc.

/a/ was drowned in Inaba-posting the entire run.
Cross-boarders would even pop-up asking for sauce on "le masturbating anime girl".

Japan's economy is falling apart /a/.

Mangas will continue to be made, but animation is falling off a cliff and all studios are going to shut down.

What is the last thing you want to see animated?
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Anything with rape.

>tfw animation studios will have to start looking at foreign markets
It'll be horrific. I literally don't even want to think about it.
An anime about fear mongering
Japan's economy is doing fine-to-good though. That could be more of a problem than a terrible economy since galge and body pillows are probably an inferior good

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Tifa. You?
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I can't fit all of my waifus into one image so I'll post a recent one.

I cried a lot with this episode

Lots of feels

Best anime of the season
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>learned to cook her own rice

My daughter Kanna is the brightest
Who else was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out to be?
I was expecting some crappy half-assed attempt like phantom world

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I'll start
>Ami losing
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>joey losing to marik
Saito ending up with Louise and not having a harem end where he is the king of the world.

Also I want to impregnate Henrietta so hard, I would make her kingdom the biggest of the world.
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>absolutely horrible animation of Naruto vs Pain

Have you worshipped best Nep today?
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I'd worship her if I weren't completely terrified of her
You were fast today.

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Give me your latest anime idea and I will tell you why it sucks.
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watching it
Cute girls go bowling.
Madonna, but with boys.

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10/10 manga only
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just finished this
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it was great but fake killing Yuu at the end was a real dick move by the author.
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Will Pudding awaken her third eye soon?
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Pudding is CUTE and NAKAMA
Perona can fly now right?

From the wiki:

>It appears that after the timeskip, Perona can use some of the powers formerly exclusive to her astral projection, such as flight, without leaving her body.[42] This means that she has become stronger or gained more advanced control of her powers in the last two years.

Source - second bullet point:

There are plenty of examples of her floating in the manga.

Here you can see her flying out the castle and

here you can see her floating while talking to Mihawk.
Oda also drew her flying around the ruins in these two chapter title pages. >http://kissmanga.com/Manga/One-Piece-Digital-Colored-Comics/Chapter-559?id=328799#1

Finally you can see her floating at Saboady

Why would she project herself when talking to Mihawk? Or when travelling around the Saboady Archipelago? She hasn’t made any enemies and as far as we know, the World Government doesn't even know who she is, as she doesn’t seem to have been given a bounty, so the marines wouldn't be looking for her. As part of Moriah’s crew, she’s spent almost all of her pirating career on board the Thriller Bark, so not many people would’ve known about her. And where would she safely keep her real body whilst travelling around the archipelago as a projection? Furthermore, if they were talking to her projection, then how was Sanji able to smell her. Ghosts don't have smells.
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First for best Charlotte.

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Would you drink her spit sake anon?
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That's for Taki, not I...
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you wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
you wanna be where everybody knows
your name.

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