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>Shounen series.
>Hero is fighting villain, and his attacks are having no effect.
>Expect hero to come up with clever strategy to work around villain's resistances and exploit their weaknesses.
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I like that trope though and it makes sense within context
Battles are not rock paper scissors. He has grear resistance but not immunity
>things are getting interesting
But that made sense considering he circumstances

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ITT: Make an anime plot
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Cute little girl with drill powers penetrate the earth, going on an underground adventure.
>not Tengals
wasted opportunity
A high school girl joins an all boy baseball team after showing off her pitching skill. Her father influenced her love for the game as he would take her to local games as a child. He passed away and she remained in love with the game as a way to remember her late father.

still working on it

My dick, it huts. But in that good, but painful way
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Critical mass achieved
Whats her problem?
>is in love with brother
>wants to fuck brother
>wants to marry her brother
>is too much of a pussy to directly tell him

>he constantly tells others that there is no way theyll even be in romantic relationship
>he only wants a family (even though loving her himself and wanting to fuck her)
>both things make her visibly hurt

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>Anime can never be thought provo-
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Mai's tits sure provoked something in me.
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Happy Easter /a/
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I don't really like it, but you can make sense out of it if you want to.

The average human power level is probably around 5 (literally the first power level shown in a scouter). Assuming Androids can train their bodies just like average humans, just as Krillin for example, they should be able to power up to AT LEAST 15 000 times their BASE power level (last official known Krillin's power level was 75 000 during the Frieza Saga according to V-Jump, I divided that by 5).

Assuming 17's BASE was about the same as a Super Saiyan Goku (officially 150 000 000 during the Frieza Saga according to Daizenshuu 7), then his power level after training like Krillin did should be AT LEAST 2 250 000 000 000, which is comparable to that of Super Saiyan Vegito (calculated at 2 500 000 000 000*). I do believe someone with that kind of power could provide a nice sparring session for Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Then again, that is only an estimate of his potential, he could be much weaker depending on what kind of training he did, maybe it was more similar to that of Yajirobe's (officially 970 during the Saiyan Invasion according to Daizenshuu 7), which will put him at 29 100 000 000, slightly stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (calculated at 28 000 000 000*)


A more problematic issue is where and/or with whom did he train to achieve such a thing? Not to mention why he chooses to fight certain aliens that threaten the Island and ignores others that do not only threatened his conversation efforts but his family as well like Majin Buu.
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He did 100 pushups 100 situps and ran 10 KM everyday since the last time we saw him.
Nah senpai he would of one hit Goku if he did that.
>trying to make sense of power levels
Bruh just roll with it. It don't make sense.

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What is the anime with the best soundtrack?
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Prove me wrong

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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we like it
I hate it!
I wish I was that fish

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I love Diana!
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Settle down a little for fuck sake.
The relentless Dianafaggottry just make me hate her even more.
why does she ride her broom like this?
Rule of cool.

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my 3x3.jpg
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3x3 thread
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++ Jinrui, Katanagatari
+ Steins Gate
+/- Fate/Zero, Konosuba
+ Steins Gate, Konosuba, Fate/Zero
++ EVA
- Tatami
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+Konosuba, Steins;Gate, Rainbow
+Utena, EVA
+/- Lain
+EVA, HIgurashi, K-On, Berserk

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Why do all evil women have large breasts?
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Proof that cowtits are evil and DFC a best.
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It's where they store thier malice.
Because if women with small breasts are defended by retards for being not evil, just tsundere.

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Thoughts on the new berserk?
>inb4 shit animation

The 2016 berserk was the first berserk i watched and so it compelled me to watch the 1997, and to me, the first half was really boring, lacked the supernatural stuff but the ending was god tier.

Also if you don't know, there are a few new episodes of 2016 berserk out.
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The 2016 animation and use of CGI was god awful, see "clang rabbit". The continuation of the story for 2017 feels more polished but still lacking. I feel like they could have pulled off the animation better if they had used a similar animation style to Blackrock Shooter.
>The 2016 berserk was the first berserk i watched
Stopped right there, fuck off and never come back.
>The 2016 berserk was the first berserk i watched
That's not how you start a good thread.

Anyone else watching ID-0? The first episode was pretty good.
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Also, Maya has a cute bottom.

After 17 years, is 02 still shit?

How would you fix 02 if you had the chance?
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TaiKari end.
Do you really want that? Reminder this is a bonus.
All they really had to do was make either Oikawa, Daemon or Dagomon the final villain instead of introducing BelialVamdemon at the last second. If the dimension Oikawa opened a portal to was the dark ocean and they ended up having to save the world from Dagomon, that would have been a pretty satisfying finale.

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Japanese Breeding Propoganda at its finest.
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