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Name stands that are never used to their full potential because they would be incredibly broken if they were.
>Scary Monsters
>Diego infects a bunch of mosquitos with dino disease
>Dinosaur army
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>The World
>same type of stand
>Star Finger
DIO's World would've been only 1 chapter had he used this technique instead of knives.
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>attacks from a distance
>uses the element of surprise
>take a fucking marksmanship class
>partner up with someone worth something

Horse should have joined the Crusaders. Could have had some fun interactions with Mista in P6, or at least gotten better.
Soft and Wetto because Gappy can literally steal fucking anything, but he somehow doesn't use this to completely fuck people

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Goku Black.webm
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I miss him bros. He saved Super, and when he died, the series went with him.
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That webm is tinier than my embarrassingly small dick!
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Reminder that Goku's name is "Gokou"
Beerus is "Beers"
Buu is "Boo"
Mr. Satan real name is "Mark"
17 and 18 names are "Lapis" and "Lazuli"
and nobody knows Turtle Hermit's name, same about his sister
Thanks for the info anon.

post romance manga that give you that warm feeling
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Warm like piss
Shame the scanlators doing it are slow as fuck. I'm this close to sending them an angry email and picking it up myself. The series is already finished for Christ's sake.
If by warm feeling you mean rage from that fucking annoying cunt of a tomboy, sure.

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Thread for KanColle translations and discussion. Posting freshly typeset 4koma chapters 146.5 to 153.
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Time flies.
>02.04.2007 till 24.09.2007
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Thinking about the reason why I like the S3, it might be among other things the bit that seeing adult NanoFate together finally confirms how close they are together.

In S1 and S2 they are little girls for whom it's normal to cling to each other and be close. But it takes seeing them do this well, at least in the artbook when they are 19 to get the awesome satisfactory feeling that they stayed together, pardon my /u/.

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Queens ch 10 by TL Anon is out


Restart chapter 2 draft by chink anon

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CN TL of Breakdown ch 1

Which mahou shoujo would you fuck?
I hope this thread doesn't die, since it was a good chapter.

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How do you kill him?

he escape death not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES

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You feed him to a cute little girl

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This is your Yui for tonight.
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Who gets morning Yui then?
I do.

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amanda blush.png
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What would you say/do to this feisty mick to make her blush /a/?
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colonize me
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Send her a wax-sealed invitation to come lewd Akko with Diana

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I wanna see that firm lower body in a swimsuit
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I wanna see Megishima in action
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>this hypebait

Good things are coming
>Isshiki wasn't serious about the Shokugeki until Julio insulted the dorm
What a terrible teammate

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The first WaSuYu movie and the 4-koma OVA have been ripped:

Soft subs for the movie here:
The timing is totally off though, wait until it's fixed.

Everything else is in the pastebin:
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shitty madoka ripoff
Why the fuck is it posted on /u/?
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You interrupted my udon for this?
Call me when the subs are perfect. PERFECT

White grills or black grills, /a/?
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White, but the usual asians are cute too.
Fuck off back to your autistic board.
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Is there anyone who can remotely control our guy Glasses-kun?
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Our girl twintails-chan.
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Have some LN illustrations.


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ITT: Google a show/manga you like and post the most disgusting related image that appears
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just as expected why do they do this?
what is this supposed to be
Revision of Katawa Shoujo.

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>Mentoring done right
Best girl, bar none.

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