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volume 8.jpg
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Today it's the day Volume 7 is officially released on amazon, oth on physical and digital versions. There's also higher quality digital versions available at Kobo too.

For those curious about it:
>How good is the translation quality compared to previous volumes?
Drastically improved, other than a few odd choices of words and some errors here and there, it's definitely one of the better ones in terms of TL quality.

>What part of the Web Novel does the volume cover?
This volume covers the second part of the spirit turtle battle, which also started somewhere around the end of volume 6.

>What are some significant changes here compared to the web novel?
The lore about the spirit turtle itself, it's purpose and the rest of the guardian beasts is expanded upon. The Spirit Turtle is taken over by an unknown party and can no longer complete it's original mission. So it's up to Naofumi and his friends to stop it, and the mastermind behind this disaster.

This is probably one of my favorites, high up there with volume 1 and 4. The stakes are higher this time too than at that point in the web novel. And although it ends in a bittersweet fashion (more bitter than sweet in my opinion), it serves as a point of growth for naofumi and company, who strive to correct the wrongs and injustice done during the spirit turtle's rampage.
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more like dubs bro
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Now i'll begin to dump illustrations from the volume and a bit of info regarding them.

This is Osto Hourai (localized as Ost Horai), she had a very brief appearance somewhere around the end of volume 6, and is one of the most pivotal characters in this volume.
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Glass, Therese and L'Arc make a reappearance in this volume.The Extra chapter included in this volume also focuses on them and their time in the world Naofumi was summoned to.

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How do you think the story will develop based on the latest chapters? It does seem like they're setting up so that both groups will meet eventually, maybe then Laius' party will change their mind about going back up the surface.
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I really hope Laius kills the annoying psycho nigger.
Laius' party is stuck for now, the dungeon layout is changing so the shortcut and main path aren't usable.

I think we will have a third chapter in a row about Kabru's party, this time meeting the orcs as the orcs move back to the village. This will for sure cement his mindset, with the idea being Laius is supporting orcs and helping their village.

I don't expect the groups to meet until its time to fight the mad sorcerer.
I don't think Kabrus party will fight against Laius', or at least they won't meet in a condition that will make it possible for Kabru to fight them. Rather he and the french samurai will search for Farlyn, and the mangaka will use this situation to show that she has changed to a dangerous beast, which will almost destroy both parties.

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Titans are falling from the sky now. How happy does that make you?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Anybody have a link for the translated spoilers? The one I have is all Japanese.
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laughing lesbians.png
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/u/ always wins

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>finally gets to have sex with qt tomboy Casca
>all he can think about is Donovan's giant moor dick

Why is Guts such a homo?
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How did Guts not become a cripple from this? Does Miura do his research?
Cause PTSD isn't a thing IRL.
You can't blame him, they don't really have a lot of "those kinds" of people in moonland. Hopefully they'll open up the borders and catch up with the rest of EU in time for the Olympics.

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>no S:NNT thread
Let's fix it.
Asmodeus best sin
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dropped it without even picking it up

non-garbage yuri does not exist
Call me basic, but I can't get over Lucifer. Levi is cute too.
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>Queens blade 2.0
meh boring
>semen demons everywhere

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3x3 thread
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The 2x2 thread was better
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What's /a/ opinion on gay stuff in Anime and Manga?
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It's gay
It's really gay.
It's super gay.

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What does /a/ honestly think about Sachiko Koshimizu (輿水幸子)?
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She's a little cute.
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She deserve a gift
Is that gonna be a bap???

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Has this baka's book been scanned yet?
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Tohka's tohkas

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>were literally let off the hook with a slap on the wrist
>literally lollygags around the village with much less(if there is any) contempt from mass populace than naruto when he was a kid and literally dindu nuffin

What the fuck, Kishi?
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And the Grandson of the 3rd Hokage, the man he murdered, just records his wedding message to Naruto and Hinata like he's just an old friend of Naruto's.
How likely he is still pursuing immortality?
He already achieved it.

What was your reaction the first time you watched this?
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7/10 it's okay.
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the same reaction as watching the full fight of pic related
>I can't believe /a/ was right about this masterpiece
One of the few times /a/ were right to date.

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So /a/, what are your thoughts on 3.0+1.0?
>implying it will happen
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It will happen, it's just going to be terrible.
this, fuck post 1999 Anno.

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ITT: child prostitutes
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Please stop

Why are there no characters who are wheelchair users?
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There are tho.
>Thinly veiled recommendation thread

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>The other open spots, in production and 3DCG, pay a tiny bit more: 180,000 yen (about $1,650) per month.
Why is this allowed?
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>It doesnt require a degree
>It doesnt require job experience
>anyone can do it
>ergo its in high supply and low demand
>people do it for shit wage
>400 per month

I will never understand this. This is japan we're talking about, not a third world country. Living in japan is expensive, at least in the big cities where most anime studios are.
>40,000 yen per month
What the fuck? I made 3 times when I worked on a very light labor job for a month. Animators are so fucking underpaid. 40-50k yen is just worth a single week of work.

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