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What do you guys think of all these die and reincarnate in another world anime and manga? Does /a/ like them?
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Is this death march?
They should make a series about truck drivers, how they are actually an secret organization of shinigamis working for gods to human traffic kids to their worlds.
We love them.

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Chapter 19
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720p or 1080p?
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5 icnhes dick or 8 inches?

Download both and see if you can tell a difference. If not, don't waste bandwidth on the larger one.

Does this MP100 ever actually get good? I try to stay away from generic anime but I thought I could trust ONE after OPM. But I'm on the 3rd episode and cringing at how it tries to be funny but can't a single joke that hasn't been landed a thousand times before in a thousand different other animes.
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* but can't land a single joke, sorry.
Isn't it wonderful how the cancerous OPM fanbase is naturally repulsed by Mob?
The discussions of this wonderful series are safe from normalfags, spics and powerlevelfags.
Strange, I thought MP100 was unusually hilarious, since I usually don't find most jokes in anime funny.

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>trust me anon, it gets better later
When did that ever actually happen?
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
That shit got worse at the end.
Air Gear

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Pin-Pon! Pin-Pon! Pin-Pon! Pin-Pon! Pin-Pon! Pin-Pon!
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Dumb mobile fag.
I will fug Vigne.

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Depends on the amount of Nene
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Depends on the amount of Umigon.
my dick demands more Nene in S2

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ITT: Most overrated anime series
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It would have to be good to be overrated
Your favourite.
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You should know how it goes down by now.
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Do I actually have to modify my 3x3 filter to include this shit now, too? What's the angle here?

Okay, I need help understanding this, because I'm confused and I don't know where to begin.
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Understand what? We don't know what you didn't understand.
Why does the timeskip need to be 14 years, if for no other reason that Shinji's 14 and that it feeds into the cycle theory?

Why did Kaoru say he'd close the Door of Gauf if what stabbing 13 didn't close the Door?

Was Mark 9 a replica of Unit 00 or another Angel?

How did the Failures get to where they were?

I guess these are some starting questions. If Final tries to answer some of these then fine but the way they're presented in Q just comes off as incomplete.
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the master.png
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Is Sasuke Uchiha a well written character?
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Nobody in Naruto is well written, although I'd like to believe it will be a different story with their children.

That being said at least he got a better deal than any female character. Sakura parents were never shown despite being the 3rd most important character and Hinata entire story was ignored in favor of her becoming a love interest.
Some of them are well written.

Nagato, Itachi, and Madara were all pretty well written and had good motivations for the shitty things they did.
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>Sakura's parents were never shown

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Name 3 things you love about Aqua!
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Hair loop
The sound of her crying
Her personality
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Her drawings are cute; can any konosuba translating superfan tell us what this says?

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give me the right answer within 10 seconds or all of humanity dies
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ass > tits
tits > ass
>tfw love first-contact shit and the wait for this series is already unbearable by the third week

I'm in the mood to scan some LD packaging, but have no idea what to scan first, so I'm here to ask if there's anything anyone wants scanned. Here's a example of what they look like.
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And here's what I have.
Scan whatever you want, dude, but do it now.
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Capricorn Front.jpg
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Well, there's this one.

Are you ready for Europa Universalis: The Great Kebabini Magic anime?
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Is it some another gay shit about a bunch of dudes?
>anime about turks
>blonde hair blue eyes
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>Europa Universalis anime

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