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It had been years since I saw the 80's Astro Boy. Old shonen seemed to be 90% emotional storytelling and 10% badass fights.

>feels episode
>feels episode
>kino as fuck robot battle
>feels episode
>robot battle that ends in manly tears
>feels episode
>alien invasion
>feels episode
>feels episode
>badass robot battle tournament arc

So much robot suffering in this world. It is as great as I remembered.
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I cant believe they turned Atom into gayshit
-honks nose-
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>you will never hold your robot girlfriend's hand as she is dissected and has her robot brain destroyed because a terrorist put a bomb inside her

How do you feel about mangas where it's obvious the best girl won't win?
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I've never read a manga whose selling point is "who's best girl".
New chapter later.

Bro or ayylium, who will win the Shindobowl?
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The girl on the left
This is the most likely answer.
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>they include an interview about the show in some magazine
>you gotta decipher it if you want to read it
might be fun

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class a.jpg
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Today, on class /a/...
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Whoever keeps writing ''A FUCKING LEAF'' in kanji on my desk please stop
I'm intrigued on how you would write FUCKING in kanji
Is this bullying? Who keeps writing CUUUUUTE on my table?

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I'm gonna try to keep this tread up one more day. If you'd like some high res scans, just ask. List inside. This is what they look like, and here's what I've done so far, http://imgur.com/a/ptulQ . If anyone else with a LD collection wants to join in too, by all means.
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What I have.
Also last thread: >>156024311
Dragon Half, Villgust and Capricorn

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I love anime!!!
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Back in middle school the resident uber weeb who spent his time making shurikens in class and bringing hentai in folders to school told me to watch this show, to this date it's still the worst show I've finished.
this op is amazing !
never watched the anime but someone on MAL made a review about it and he said that the anime sucks but the manga is alright ! is he right ? i don'd trust malfags but most of the reviews said the same thing

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Murata's streaming again!

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I guess Gouketsu already got killed because seem that we are finally going back to Garou vs WDM.
WDM vs Garou SOOM





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What the fuck was her problem?
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severe lack of coitus
My dick isn't inside er
She is literally us.

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What is everyone watching this season?
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You, anon. I'm watching YOU.
Veiled rec thread. Eat shit OP.

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How do japanese people function in the early morning, specifically students.

I'm assuming school starts at 8am

Most anime depicts them being able to

>sleep a reasonable amount
>take a shower
>apply beauty products, and do their hair in a painstaking long way
>cook a well prepared homecook meal
>eat said meal
>still arrive on time for school if not early.
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more like heating it up nigga
That kind of nasty...
They shower before they go to bed. It's also not hard to wake up at 6 a.m.

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Volume 12 in August
Season 2 in 2018

Clem resurrection imminent.
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Clem is fat
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Most frogs are
Best catgirlfrog
>tfw she still doesn't have any good doujins

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>Gentremen. I rove war.
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Oh, my fucking god, this chapter.
Prepare, dear friends.

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Why is this allowed?
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why not?
It was a different time.

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>Taichi/Hikari canon
>No hint that 02 epilogue isn't canon
>Appli Monsters is shit
>Tri takes forever to come out
>Chiaki Konaka nowhere to be seen
>Mimi is more tomboyish than Sora
>Sorato will happen whether we like it or not

How do we save Digimon?
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t.Takari-Taiora fag.
Dunno about that tomboy comment. She's more of a cock tease slut
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>Taichi/Hikari canon
Oh this shit again.

Hikari wants TK's dick hard but he don't give a fuck and has other girls to wet his dick.

In all their interactions it's always Hikari asking about his girlfriends and getting desperate. It's honestly hard to watch and makes me cringe at how clingy and obvious Hikari is.

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Which anime has the most beautiful background?
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Winding Woods.png
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Background thread?
Sora no Woto

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