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I´ll put this card face down and end my turn...

Your move /a/non
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We're back
Joke's on you, arc isn't over
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I sure hope we get another hiatus
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Senpai thinks he's weak and Tomo is trying to tell him he's not. Great. See you all tomorrow.

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It's time.
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Who is your homo MVP of the season?
The second best gay alien of all time. Haru from Tsuritama is number 1.
There was a thread less than a day ago >>155977044

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I'm trying to understand, this nigger is on par with blue.
This means he is stronger then both buu and gold frieza, yet he did nothing to try to stop them.

are dragon ball characters really this apathetic?
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Stop trying to make sense of it.
Well simply he didn't know. Can't sense energy
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unlimited energy+years training

>There's literally only 6 story episodes (one of them having only 30 seconds of story)
>The rest is literal filler
>Didn't even manage to have a conclusive ending, ends with a cliffhanger
>Still considered one of the best animes ever made

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The filler is the best part and the most comfy. It honestly needed another season's worth of filler if you ask me.

What's cliffhanger about it? Spike dies after killing Vicious, life goes on. It's only a cliffhanger if you think there's a good chance Spike didn't die, which I guess is possible if you say that the star falling was Vicious' star, but Spike was deathflagging hard.
How are they filler when they're showing the characters interacting and growing with each other?
Just because they aren't specifically mentioned in the finale doesn't mean that they're not important.
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the majority of the filler episodes were pretty solid IMO, I can't say that I didn't enjoy watching them. Bebop's worst sin was that it was too short.

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are they gonna ruin it?
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When a story is finished it should stay finished.
yeah but i'm still excited
No. You can always ignore it.

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Episode 0 airs on Amazon prime in less than five minutes.
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First for Eriri being a best
I can't wait to start rubbing my dick.
I can't wait to see all girls back again
all four

I like them all

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So I know there is already a LWA thread but I wanted to start a new thread on a particular thing. It seems people like even love this show, as do I, but I know at least one person who didn't enjoy the shorts and gave up on the series pretty early.

So I wanted to hear the reasons why people wouldn't like this. Is it the main character in how she is obviously flawed more than your typical "protagonist"? Is it something else?

I'm really curious to hear this.
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I hate how trigger pander to westernfags.
Why can't we have more episodes without any stupid action and intrigue and just have comfy episodes with dumb witches?
Boring shit with annoying characters.

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ITT: Studios that have literally never produced bad work

Should be a nice and short thread, here's the only company.
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>studio wars
No thanks

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Sorry I couldn't do it yesterday, had stuff to do. Anyways, here's the chapter.
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[Left side (not title or author name)] A yakuza who came from the west and a young boy. Maybe he really is......

"So I'll start my road to success once again"
"Here in Tokyo"

"Okay, I'm gonna go to the office now"
"So help me move in"

"I understand"
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[Top] The young boy psychic makes an appearance!

[Right] The days of a Yakuza and a psychic young boy in Tokyo.
65: Invasion! Assassin from the West
[Left of that] 'Hinamatsuri' Vols 1-12 and the debut work 'Tokyo Hatsu Isekai Yuki' are selling really well!
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"Tsuda-san, a report"

"The Oudou faction's vacant territory has fallen favorably into our hands"

"The fuzz is keeping a watch on our men as well"
"So everything's cool since we can't move openly"

"Hm? What?"

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Is this an accurate portrayal of the average idolfag?
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He seems to full of happiness
>the average r/anime user

How did this happen?
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It's called evolution, you biped. Things start out shitty and get better over time
the girl on the left has a really fucking long neck like a giraffe is she like 8 feet tall?

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Why don't they start over with a new protagonist for each version of the pokemon anime?
For ruby and sapphire a new protag
For sun and moon a new protag
etc. instead of using ash over and over.

Don't they have to pay the voice actors more and more money the longer the series goes on for new episodes? Or is that mostly a american thing and japs are free to pay their voice actors peanuts regardless of how long they've worked on the show.
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Just read pokemon special then, it's better anyway.
Not wanting to take risks I guess
The series still fairs well in TV ratings. Why jeopardize that? Creative passion? Ha!
Instant label recognition.

Basically seeing Ash and Pikachu links to this franchise.

The company will lose a lot of money by changing the characters.

Is this thing the Asterisk war of the season?
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>Asterisk war
more like Asterisk war 1.5
No, because it's not a battle harem.
No because Asterisk doesn't have a single redeeming quality whatsoever

How many people has Sakura turned into lolicons?
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Nobody because she's not sexual at all, you creep
7 billion
You don't turn into a lolicon. It's a brain disorder present from birth like being gay or autistic.

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