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/jp/ a best. A BEST.
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I like Lumia the most.
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Sisti a best.
This show seems stupid, and the female uniforms are ridiculous but i am definitely curious to see where it goes.

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Chapter's out. Reiner hates walls.

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First for being smothered between Mikasa's thighs.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
BESC confirmed for Reiner's best friends.

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Eva 1.0+3.0
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The ending of 3.0 promising a sequel focusing on Shinji, Asuka and Rei made me hopeful.

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Did anyone else watch the first episode of this Boruto stuff?

For some reason I find it REALLY promising

Post best girl guesses
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Both girls in your pic seems like they'll get good but very little fanart.
Personally the one in green looks like she might get more than goth.
Why does she wear the ribbon?

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Why is Chariot's magic regarded as meme? Judges seemed to enjoy Akko and Diana's performances so it's not like they just hate fun right? Also Chariot is very sexy.
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>they just hate fun right?
I had fun once
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I want to befriend lil Ursula

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Which Witch do you think Sucy wants to dom the most?
Which do you think she would want to submit to?
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Execute Order 66
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I want to FUCK Akko!
Why the fuck does Netflix release weekly episodes for other shit like Riverdale and iZombie but not for LWA?

muh binge is not even an excuse anymore

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What do you think /a/? Will it be good?
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Go back.
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it'll be the same autism as naruto. people that liked that garbage will like boruto. everyone else will give it a chance, realize it's the same drivel, and drop it
Nah it seems like boruto is going back to Naruto's roots. You know the taijutsu focused fights. No giant monster battles. No sudden powercreeps because of anew variant of the rasengan. It seems a lot simpeler and reminds me of how Naruto was back in the day, with the zabuza arc and such

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Why on earth would somebody actually like this woman?
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Many people live dull lives. With Haruhi, at least things will happen. She's also hot so that's something.
"People" do not like Haruhi, these do.
She's cute and helps out her friends.

Best first episode of the season.
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this and alice to zoroku had good first episodes. everything else has been garbage besides Warau Salesman which was ok.
You know what I realized? I don't even remember the MC's name.
Not even close

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Precure thread
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Watching some Maho right now, I must say I did enjoy the episode.
We're getting some more information on Liko's familiy, we have an uneventful "I'm a PreCure" revelation and it shows that Mr. Director and other magical experts are properly looking into the machinations of the antagonist group.
It really does feel more like it's not just about the three of them and the villains, but that they have other allies with just as big an interest as them.

Liko continues to get some development, although it's quite weak. She thinks her papa doesn't really care all that much about her since he's off to work all the time, but throwing himself into danger just once convinces her otherwise.
Afterwards she actually does properly talk to him, to resolve her problems with their family situation, but it's just swept under the rug.
Like, he doesn't really respond in a meaningful way beyond pulling out the umbrella and doing a Mary Poppins.

Kinda weak in that aspect.
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Episode 34 was just ok.
It's got some good gags, but altogether it's just your typical unrequited love story of a side character. I feel like I've seen this before in another PreCure series, but I can't put my finger on it.

On the other hand, Kana did get some screentime, and I adore the girl.
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Liko for President was a terrific episode.

For one, it plays into her personal issue of not really knowing what she wants to do with her life. It was touched upon several times in earlier episodes, and it continues to explore that theme. Or rather, mention it. I'm curious as to what solution she comes up with.
In general, her just trying to become president because she liked the image of herself as one was cute and just about selfish enough as a normal teenager.

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>people think Kaato is the main antagonist

Kaato seems to be the same shit with Kira's dad, not a main antagonist. Dolomite already had to spell it out with Jobin's face in each of his speech bubbles, what more do you need?
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First for best boy
So this is the thread we'll use?
It's the only one up. Just hope Naranciafag/Davidfag doesn't infest too soon.

Chapter is out. Reiner is best boy.
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Zeke a best.
>chapter is out
>don't post said chapter
BRA did nothing wrong.

Dreamy Dreams
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Does Yui stream while she dreams?
This is the thread that will witness whether Elza can save Stars.
I want to fuck Lala.

This is the Kobeni thread. Post all your Kobenners here.
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Kobeni has an incredibly sexy sister-in-law.
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Kobeni is a nice girl. I wish I could marry her.

ITT couples that just need to fuck already.
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That's not Hana.
Hana a shit

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