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Your obscure favorite CG won't appear in this anime.
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She already showed up in the ED.
How long are the eps?
As long as I get more of my waifu I'm fine. Although I wouldn't mind some Aki too.

One of them is four minutes and the other is one. Not sure wheter they're doing this 2 episode thing each week. Hopefully they are.

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Feeling hungry
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>child willingly eating natto
That's just bullshit.
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Show me a more mesmerizing set of eyes
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>After vanishing in its opening weekend at the domestic box office to $18.6 million, film finance sources tell Deadline that Paramount/DreamWorks-Reliance’s Ghost In The Shell stands to lose at least $60M, and that’s based off a global B.O. projection of $200M ($50M domestic, $150M international) and combined P&A/production costs of $250M.

> Some sources even assert that the production cost for Ghost is far north of $110M and more in the $180M range — if that’s the case, Ghost is bleeding in excess of $100M.

>Through yesterday, the film has only collected $62M at the worldwide B.O.
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>The bombing of Ghost In The Shell arrives at an awful time for Paramount in the wake of its $1 billion slate financing deal with Shanghai Film Group and Huahua Media going south, coupled with the fact that most of the studio’s 2016 slate outside of Arrival and Fences has tanked. Ghost was originally part of the Shanghai/Huahua deal, with both companies supposedly vested in director Rupert Sanders’ movie alongside DreamWorks and Paramount; each studio maintained 30% exposure.
>While DreamWorks reportedly stands to lose as much as $20M, Paramount could incur a bigger black eye sans the Chinese funds. Paramount provided no comment.
Maybe next time we don't hire Rupert Sanders to direct our big budget adaption?
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>Hollywood is going to blame the source material for the movie bombing and not the fact it's a shithouse adaptation that dumbed down the original premise so burgers could understand it

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You wouldn't fug your imouto even though it's NBR, right?
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I am going to fuck this bird.
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reminder that birds shit from there

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Asleep, awake, it doesn't matter

Post Friends
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go to sleep
It's only like 4pm but okay.

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Spoilers now.
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Bless Utaha.
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Utaha is best girl.
How cany any of the girls want that shitty MC is beyond logic
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>She will never rub her pantyhosed feet to your face.

What is Rosie O'Donnell doing in my animu?
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Being best girl
I really wanna kick someones ass right now.
What was her name again?

Season 3 will happen
This will also happen
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>female orcs using Megumin (Male) as a meat dildo until he EXPLOSIONS and starts to enjoy it
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Remember, Axis posters are bros who take care of each other's backs.

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Cecilia is on the cover for Volume 11. Delayed until May 25th.
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>you will never punch Cecilia, Laura and Charlotte in their ugly faces
>you will never stomp on their bellies
What is wrong with you?

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Sayaka's in love!
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>Customer san
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Is this how you shitpost madoka threads now?
OP's just trying to bait that one obsessively autistic /u/ fag from last night.

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>putting bread on the grill
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>eating food
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That's clearly bacon.

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CAT a best monogatari
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That's not KissShot
Trash is still trash even if it's best of trash
Correct. 10 points.

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If Touhou were to become an official anime, would it become the #1 most watched anime of all time?
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Tohou is niche.

Just because it's fanbase is incredibly energetic and productive doesn't mean it's actually popular.

Plus it's all about Kancolle and Cinderella Girls now anyway. The era when Tohou held a monopoly on a roster of hundreds of disposable q.t. pies is long over.
>energetic and productive
you mean annoying and autistic
Stay there.

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