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moe edition
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Chi chi deserved better
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Atleast Toriyama remembered that she exists.

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What is Sucy like in a fight?
What's she like when she decides to get serious?
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embrace the NAY
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I want Lotte to be my wife!

Since it is the fourth of April, let's dedicate 4/4 by talking about Yotsuba.
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This was an intense discussion.
Non-general threads aren't in vogue anymore

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What the fuck are your favorite short-length anime?
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Cromartie and Teekyuu.
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Burning skull police officer

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Are pure sluts the next big thing in anime?
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>draw a slut made for prostitution doujins
>call her pure
God I hope not, Galko was enough. not like I dislike her though.
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People really like gyarus.
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Fine for me.

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Chapter is out

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Are you going to dump it

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Are you excited for more Utaha soon?
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oh yeah
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Yes. My goddess Utaha is so BEST.
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>8 days left.

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>inb4 2 pages
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Those fucking japonese names
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Smug of the season so far.
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LNfag and mangafag here.

Sisti > Riel > Serika > Lumia
Real best girl.

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Dark Lord IF has been translated:

What did I tell you about feeding the shitposters?
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>Subaru is pride
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Self proclamation is different from it actually being the case.

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Happy discussion only!
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I just want to tell people that the Konosuba game has viruses and you should delete it.
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This poor creature.

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I want this to be animated
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Mrs. Marjolane is for dominating and mindbreaking.
Prove me wrong.
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witches on the road.jpg
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>post yfw the monster from Shiny Chariot's first show was made of cubes
>post yfw Croix helped Chariot with her magic shows
Sasuga Diana!

Obscure waifu thread.
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reminds me of the big titted bitch from cowboy bebop's tv show
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i want a show for these two cowgirls
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is re zero the most influencial, the best anime of the decade so far ?
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In terms of dedicated shitposters, I'd say yeah.

It's been over a year guy, knock it off.
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Rem VR

Dark Lord IF summary in Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Re_Zero/comments/62mhi3/wn_translation_request/dfo3wf5/

pastebin https://pastebin.com/61XeQHM2

Report catfag posts
Ignore catfag poster
Provide cute witches instead

Every thread until Rem wakes up.

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I'm gonna watch it, I'm not gonna enjoy it but I'm gonna watch it
>I'm not gonna enjoy
That's impossible
Can't wait for the multi-thread rants by autists who present feelings as fact once again!

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