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Are you Team Armin or Team Erwin?
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Team Nifa
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Armin will save the world.
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Team Pieck

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Pick an anime.

You can now tell the protagonist one thing, five words maximum, at the very start of their story to help them achieve their goals/resolve their conflict/etc much earlier so they can end their series in as few amount of episode as possible.

What do you say to them and how successful are you?
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I'd tell Guts "Do not travel by boat". It'd save years.
Monster - Tenma, save the major.
Teekyuu. Don't join the tennis club.

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watamote chapter 113.
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>his waifu isn't disabled
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>his waifu has legs
>his waifu is sane
my waifu is a robot, she can be disabled or not whenever she chooses.

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What would be the best way to prepare a Sucy dish?
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Previously on Little Witch Academia
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I feel curious about Akko's vitals

Redheads are a miracle of the universe

Prove me wrong
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Erza is a goddess
Redheads are always best girls in their shows

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What did he mean by this?
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Make your dream band out of JoBros
> Rohan: Lyrics
> Gyro, Caesar: Guitar
> Kakyoin: Bass
> Okyasu: Drums
jojos have declined
He meant that colored scans are disgusting.

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I want to make her belly ripple.

If you know what I mean.
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You mean a horse, right?
I don't.
You mean you want to fatten her up until her belly ripples from the slightest of movement?

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>155483120
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Online stupidity.png
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Requesting Annie camwhoring using Mirai's Twitter account and Mirai freaking out trying to stop her.
Requesting Tsuyu from MHA playing Frogger on the Atari.
Requesting Sanae from [email protected] CG as a galactic patrol, but instead of the "SOS" logo change it to 346 or CG's logo.

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Episode 2 (April 12) – Hokage’s Son
> Boruto, who reprimanded after the incident that occurred during the Entrance Ceremony, is attending the Academy for the first time. However, his classmates’ eyes were frosty towards Boruto, as the son of the hero the 7th Hokage who had already been punished. Of them, Boruto tries to pick a fight with Iwabe Yuino, a classmate who was held back a year due to poor behavior, but was ignored
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>that last sentence
They did the same thing last week and look what happened. Denki got bit by a chakra rape snake and Bort showed off a never-before-seen dojutsu.
Reminder that Boruto is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "bolt".
His name is a reference to his late uncle Neji, whose name means "screw".

Also Boruto = "Bolt" in the Viz Naruto manga translation
Someone needs to call Hiashi and tell him his eugenics game has created a fucking Tensei-Byakugan.

what when right?
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universe 6 tournament
It's WENT.
TFS is the best English adaption of DBZ. Funishits go home.

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Left or right?
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Claire a best. A BEST.
I don't know either of these girls, but right's design is much more titillating them left's.
>that nude edit

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So this is on in 10 minutes.
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Demon Guri when
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I'll check it out, comedy sometimes works better in anime.
Akane>Gris>Akane imouto>shit>Akane's crazy cousin

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24 hours to go. Sites have teasers.
Ep 1 story: 王都に出稼ぎにきた少女ニーナは、街の人たちと触れ合いながら、田舎に仕送りをするために一生懸命働いていた。その頃、王都では包帯悪魔と言われる正体不明の悪魔が、人間を虐殺する事件が多発していた。その噂を聞きつけたニーナは、その包帯悪魔を自分で捕まえようとするのだが……。

Also confirmed for Amazon exclusive.
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Preview cuts
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download (2).jpg
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>Nina wants to capture the "bandaged demon", but...
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Great job.

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Best bro getting some attention
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oh so its a drug that gives powers and also theres a drug that takes powers away cool
Enhances and diminishes.
Stop being a Speedreader
Reading it right now, holy shit is Trigger canon now? I was just sort of supposing we'd never see anything from the spin off

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