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Which did you like most? Which franchise is saved and which one is kill?
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Let's hope the newest Cocotama episode was a one-off dud, because if they're all that shit then it's deader than the tieslut.
Eh, it was the same as ever, so still good.
Elza really makes me want to skip right into season 2.

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Mami...or Ami?
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Why not both?
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I liked them when they were lolis.

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Kizu 3 premiere is happening literally right now.
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Oh fuk

Well I already read the LN unlike you, you shitter. I'm not missing out
LA fag checking in.
standing in line atlanta I've finally collected all the posters. I can die now.

The first episode of Lucky Star aired 10 years ago today.
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Fuck me.
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Only if you pretend to be Konata for me.

>UQ Holder! 135 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Thanks for this.
Is someone going to dump this? I would do it but I don't trust my computer.

i need more, /a/.
she needs more.
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Where's Airshow bro at? I want to continue talking to him about Akkos' and Airplanes.
I'm not even sure what fetishes haven't been covered by the greentexts yet.

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Has he gone full warrior?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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So who's gonna win the ArmourBowl? My bets are on Falco, Gabi's gonna get shit for the international law violation

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I hope this poster actually turns into an episode, perhaps after this arc.
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Why is Manga Black so fucking boring?
Why are your baits so fucking boring?
You don't have to make a new thread as soon as the other one hits the bump limit, the last one should be around for a couple more hours.

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So I fell for /a/ memes and read all five volumes. The only problem being I don't know moonrunes.
Would anyone care to explain the plot to me? Who was the bad guy? Why is Riku so altitude sensitive she can't go up a stairway?
I imagine everyone wants to penetrate shota robot for artifacts, so at least that much is clear.
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Maybe actually read the manga to find this out, considering like 9 chapters are translated
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Cunny bunny is the bad guy, Riko can't climb because of the box, and people just want to have sex with megashota but they're all sexual sadists whose version of that is dismemberment.
The bad guy isn't introduced that early on.

>people just want to have sex with megashota but they're all sexual sadists whose version of that is dismemberment
Seems legit

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>No Meidoragon thread

I guess the finale really disapointed many.
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death to dragons and dragon enablers
Flavor of the month. Move on.
This was really good. I wish it were 2 cour.

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>OP spoils the whole anime
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>OP contains a major spoiler that goes unnoticed because you just write it off as flashy visuals
Ya hunter x hunter did this with the Chimera Ants, good thing i already read the manga.
>OP cares about spoilers

Did you enjoy the first episode? What do books taste like?
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Yes. Paper.
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Yes. Semen.
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Yes. Like Hinako's milk.

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Post your waifu, others tell you why she's shit.
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>tfw no waifu

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What would you do if Mami Kawada returned?

Also, time for a Strawpoll:
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Never make a raildex thread again, MKL.
Oh boy
Cover WHEN


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Request art of your beloved one!
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd love to see her as a cute school girl, wearing some cute blazer school uniform, and no headphones please. Optionally being embarrassed or shy, but simply being cute is fine too.

Or with unbuttoned/unzipped shorts:

Or standing/sitting/walking under the cherry blossoms.

Or wearing gym clothes.

Anything else cute is also fine!

Please and thanks!
It’ll be her birthday on April 9th so I’m requesting anything cute/sweet/romantic that’s birthday-related. Cakes, receiving gifts, things of that nature.

But if birthday stuff isn’t interesting, a Persona 5-esque close-up of her eyes like this http://www.imgur.com/a/iEyqa would also be fantastic.

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day.
Mai Natsume just had her birthday, so I would like to request her in front of a birthday cake (perhaps with 20 candles). Something similar to:

Another idea is Mai eating a slice of birthday cake. E.g.:

Or perhaps Mai holding a flower bouquet or a chameleon plush she got as a gift or unwrapping a present. Other birthday-related ideas would also be appreciated.

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