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So, is he still doing porn or not?
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fuck man, not now please.

The guy doing the fat elf manga whatshisname. Yes he still does porn OP.

>[ron] Vivid Strike! (1080p BDRip Hi10 FLAC)

>[ron] Vivid Strike! (720p BDRip x264 AAC)

Includes the last OVA, another bonus comic, and OST2.
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NanoFate Extra #13 - 「Making Fansubs Great Again」

>[ron] Nanoha The Movie 2nd - Commentary (ENG subs + JPN audio).rar

Since this OVA turned out to be a full episode, it seems only appropriate to do another extra. The torrents will take a few hours to seed so please enjoy this while you wait.

I hope that Autism is as happy as I am to see his project completed.
Thanks ron!
Time to rewatch then.
Thank you, Ron!
VS S2 hopefully soon.

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Now that gelbooru gelbooru is complete shit do we all agree this is the best place to get your lewd pics from?
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Just go to pixiv you retarded weeb scum
how do i block the ads without fucking up the site?
Ublock Origin plus Reek's Anti-Adblock Killer


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It is the birthday of Kirino brotherfucking Kousaka!
Happy birthday, Kirino!
May your womb be filled with onii-cum

Neko/othergirlfags need not apply
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When did they ever fuck, though?
I guess I could fap to Kirino today.
I never watched this show, but brocons are a special treasure
Happy birthday

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Is there any show like this where the MC ISN'T a total faggot?
MC kisses her in the first 5 minutes, he is pretty alpha. Are you lookng for a rapist MC?

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What's the most unacceptably bullshit victory you've seen shounen battle manga/anime?
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Emporio killing Pucci should be up there.

Genkidama Trunks vs Merged Zamasu at least had good OST

Toriko vs Acaccia

Ywach defeate was also made of nonsense.
Any fight with that shitty character in it.
>Emporio killing Pucci should be up there.
Why? it made sense, WR was OP as fuck.

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>people unironically believe this is the best anime ever made

Could Kimi no Na wa be the most overrated anime of the past decade?
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I don't know but going to find out soon.. getting ready to see it at the Angelika in Fairfax VA tonite .. I got an extra ticket if you want to join me
you've seen 5cm per second?
basically the same shit but this time they actually meet again
I bought a dvd of 5cm at a con a few years back.. think it was otakon.. guy asked me if I wanted it autographed.. I was a little confused so I said no.. found out later it was shinkai himself in the booth signing

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Asides from maybe an insert song or two, we're probably done with this OP. Have you come to like it?
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it's okay
To be quite honest, I loved it even
when I first saw it.
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i wanna ____ this _____

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this legendary series needs some love!! post ANYTHING manga caps banter ships
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I loathe Takamura and wish monthly for his death.

Where does the Evangelion franchise go AFTER the Rebuilds?

Hard mode: The franchise doesn't end
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>Hard mode: The franchise doesn't end

Final rebuild is released, Anno says the series will get a new tv anime in a few years. It's never released. Extended ending: Anno dies, Eva is rebooted by Ei Aoki and aniplex years later and flops.
Stop reposting your thread
Slice of Life version of eva.

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Get in the fucking squat rack, Deku
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Unless they end the manga with Deku vs Tomura while Deku is at like 20%, Deku is just going to end up being the Goku / Naruto of this series where no one is even close to him, won't he?
That's kinda the point.
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>Hey anon, you wanna come with me to see a wrestling match tonight? After that we can stop by this really manly steakhouse I go to sometimes. Then we can come back to my place and snug- I-I mean, watch an action movie!

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Suspenders make me so hard.
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It's a battle harem
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Stupid sexy smug cat.

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>asking to do the impossible
Not currently riding my penus weenus
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>black belt in blowjobs

Obsession with explosion magic is the only thing stopping her from becoming the thirstiest cockslut in Axel.

Will Denki be the Koichi of this show? Will he be the coward who learns to be brave from the other characters, or was he just a throwaway intoduction character?
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Denki reminds me of the young Coby from One Piece.
I get the feel that's what they were going for.
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Anyone know when Boruto SD is coming out?


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How are you enjoying the new season? Way better than SplashStar IMHO.
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>better than ss
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We back to being dead again?
w-where is everyone

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