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Did Horrible Subs fail us?
Are they really so weak and scarred of Amazon?
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Livechart says it's airing in three hours.
why does this show alternate between 3d cgi and hand drawn for some characters?
why was 2/3 of ep 0 hand drawn and suddenly half of the chars turned to cgi?
It's easier to make everything CG in parts where there's a lot of CG elements anyway (such as the KADO cube).

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Why do you guys like overlord so much?
I mean i have watched the first season and it was like 7/10
did something interesting happened in the LN after the first season or something? Give me some spoilers , but not the major ones
The majority of the interesting shit happens after the anime. Plus the LN has a lot more focus on characters that are not Momonga There's a whole volume that's just Sebas, his waifu, and some random human guy for instance.
The MC is a literal dark lord who wants to conquer the world instead of the typical shounen crap MC who only wants to form strong friendships that will last a lifetime.

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I find Kuroko's voice so extremely arousing.
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Same, friend. But she's, you know, old oats.
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Any role that VA does with the same voice always makes me diamonds as soon as she starts talking. I don't think any female voice has ever done that to me other than her.

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The remaining chapters have been finished. The chapters keep disappearing and re-appearing from Batoto, so I'm not going to mess with that unless it's still acting up tomorrow. Here's the DDL.

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Not sure that I'll last to the end, but I'll give it a go.
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Pre-2000 anime thread. What are you watching, /a/?

I decided to start some obscure /m/ show called Plawres. The synopsis makes it sound like Custom Robo, which I'm all for.
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Should have made that pre-1995 so that this thread doesn't get ruined by post-EVAshit.
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How's Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman, by the way?
Finally! Been waiting for this thread for ages!

Working on Initial D lately, saw Third Stage, the movie, last night. I think the best so far was the first season, I liked the romance and really exciting races. By the end of season 2 it was starting to piss me off how they constanty reset all romantic development, it was cool and artistic in season 1 but in season 2 I had enough. Glad they fixed one of the relationships in the movie.
I also want more of the girls, especially the girl, they were some of my favourites, but seems they were only a one off thing.

I also saw the first two episodes of The Mysterious Cities of Gold last week. It seems pretty good so far, could be interesting to watch. I didn't really plan to watch any 80s TV anime yet, I thought it was French so it was okay, but oh well. Will probably finish it eventually, but will take some time. May use it as my streaming anime, that I only watch when I only have streaming avaible.

Besides those two, I haven't seen that much anime lately, and especially not old anime- oh right, I saw an episode of Turn A Gundam yesterday. Would be nice to finish it, but I'm being slow.

Still only thinking about finishing Rose of Versailles, and also been more tempted to pick up Akage no Anne lately.

And kinda saw a few episodes of Lain, but not as a part of actually rewatching it. Real masterpiece.

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Waiting for Preview trailers & images.....
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Diana posters are fucking cancer.



Google Translate

Episode 15 "Chariot of Fire"

CROWA 's class that came as a new teacher had a clear line with the Lunanova teachers who kept tradition. Contemporary magic that combines science and magic uses the latest equipment technology and magical power to attract students. Moreover, Croix was a graduate of Lunenova and was admired as a student who surpassed Shario at that time. Akko who heard it visits Croix to try to listen to Shario's story at that time ....
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akko peek.jpg
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I NEED fanart of Barbara's butthole.

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Airing today. What do you hope happens? Will this be better than Danmachi?
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I don't understand why is a side story of the most boring character needed.
>no fag mc
No doubt about it
Unfortunately, I already read several chapters of the spin-off, so I really doubt that it will engage me enough to want to watch it and participate in the threads.
That spin-off came way too late.

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What is the best hairstyle in anime and why is it ponytails?
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Twin tails are justice, no other hair style can beat it.
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Sidetail is also good.

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annie is a great person inside and out
snk thread
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no generals fuck off
this isnt a general but a annie thread
fuck off
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Endgame right here, brothers.

Please be nice to Eririfriends.
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Eriri a shit.

Utaha a best.
Congrats OP, you've ascended shitposting and gone into shit threading.
Please don't do that.

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>155820141
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I have a request for Your Name.
Mitsuha and Taki depicted as a proper couple, doing things lovers do. I could also go for them being or getting married as their adult counterparts.
in before heikatsu delivery
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za ultimate gagfag request.png
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Reminder these 2 couldn't stop SaNa.
A dumb mutated frog doesn't even have a chance
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Gin is gay?
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Why does everyone feel like a jobber?

These guys are supposed to be some of the biggest names in the world, yet everyone just brushes them aside as jobbers. It feels like no one is relevant any more except the Yonko and admirals.

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Read the meme http://buyfags.moe

Don't ask questions
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Why can't I ask questions
Read the guide
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The weight of the world.

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Post smugs
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Wondering if I should change the cropping on this one?
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Would you go out of your way for her ojacuruto Manjubacabaras?
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will i get her butthole as a reward?
>dose Shioris
>dem hips
>dat voice
What have they been feeding this girl out here?

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