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I see a lot and I think they're cute, I just don't know if the shows good or not. All I know is it's a popular mobile game, and there's a lot of porn on the game. So is it worth watching?
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even die hard fans of the game think its shit.
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It's a browser game. And no, the anime is not worth watching.

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>Best girl

So this is the best girl, right?
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>>155902547 those lips looks sexy af

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Buy the BDs or i will kill Akko
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I demand pictures of Akko being cute
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I love Aku! He's so cute!

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Chapters for feedback
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Typesetter (3) here, i made 3 chapters this week, if someone could upload this to batoto that would be great
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Whoever designed these uniforms is a hero.
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There is not a more justed seiyuu in Japan than Soma Saito.
cum inside sisti
Magic is for kids, Grow up already /a/

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Scanlation thread.

What are you working on?
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I started to translate an old Pokemon Doujinshi, but it was too hard so I gave up.
There is no way I could translate, redraw, etc. a whole manga on my own, which was the whole reason I started learning Japanese in the first place.
Why the fuck not bitch? I've done it before, it's not a big deal.

That's why you find someone to work with instead of doing it all on your own.

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What is a god of pleasure?
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A miserable little pile of light novels ideas
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I want to pleasure this god.
Hime is so cute.

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How can Maid Dragon even compete?
look at those lips.

my god that would be an amazing bj.
I wish I was that jug.

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Do little sisters actually do this?
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Not really
I mean they walk around in their underwear for sure but they don't do butt wiggling like that
Only non-blood-related ones.
Mine never wiggled her ass at me.

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Hey! Haven't I seen you before?!
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>eye cancer
No, I haven't.
>N-no. I don't think so
>*keeps walking*
>*credits roll*
this movie had too much crying

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Breakdown first chapter has been translated!


Reminder that Restart re-translation is on the works and the first half is already done!

>CN -> EN Restart.
01: https://pastebin.com/5LYHPhC5
02: https://pastebin.com/37iw7SEW
03: https://pastebin.com/gHrEJ4qB
04: https://pastebin.com/KbufzsPd
05: https://pastebin.com/c1j3Zzmp
Afterword 1: https://pastebin.com/Rm4CeCuF
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All the links here, including later Restart TL: https://www.reddit.com/r/mgrp/comments/5z9st6/translation/
Magical Girl Ravaging Project?
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My wives Swim2 and Nokko-chan are so cute.

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Calling it now, Kabru is going to become the next sorcerer/soul enslaved to the dungeon.

He's manipulative as fuck.
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The fuck is this slut saying about Laius?
He's too dumb not to be honest.
He said they wouldn't be good owners of the dungeon, since they are easily taken advantage of.
He thinks they were apart of the black market scheme.
I thought it was this, but then the part about them being dishonest makes no sense

He is going to go along, until they are a bit too close to the dark elf or maybe the king who is being kept alive by said dark elf, and then PVP starts

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It's another Tsugumomo thread!

This month's chapter is a special, to promote the anime.

Link to our website: http://tsugumo.moe

1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha speed TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.
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Text(mag): Tsugumomo
Text: Special Chapter: Daily Life in the Kagami Household
Text(mag): Hamada Yoshikazu
Text(mag): The TV anime starts broadcasting on April 2nd (Sunday)!!
Text(top): Promo line created by Oozora Naomi!!!
Text(margin): An attack strong enough to make you say "Eh? Is this okay?!" In many ways!!
Just read it all this week, nice

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Nothing can defeat Satania!

All hail Devil-Empress Satania!
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does satania anal?
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*blocks your path*
Do you answer?

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