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There I said it. It's a shit anime
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Obvious Bait
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I agree. It's probably one of the most overrated series I've ever seen. It's up there with Cowboy Bebop and FLCL in terms of overrated shittiness.
I'm not even joking.
Maybe I just find that the fucking anime was shit? and want to know why anyone would like it

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best ending of the season.
posting comfy
forgot this

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Why did people like this shit so much? It wasn't without good moments but the way the movie was told was shit.

>no interaction or buildup between the main girl and guy before they fall in love
>half of the movie was spent saving the town
>secondary characters have no personality or purpose
>MC and Fem-MC are completely 1-dimensional with no desires or drive outside of the surface I want to save him/her
>almost no romance to hold the story up
>not weird enough to hold the story up

It was just bland and had incredibly awkward pacing and direction. They focused on parts of the story that they didn't need to and ignored others. We had more scenes with the girl in the dudes body interacting with the senpai from work than anything else.
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It was ok, nothing special since it opted for the everyone lives happily ever after route.
Because it's just good, it accomplished everything it wanted to, it was well done, well animated, and quite accesible. It's just a great movie.
This. It was pretty fun but nothing exceptional.

What has Ui been hiding?
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The semen gooping out of her gaping pussy because she fucked 5 guys on the beach prior to taking this picture like a good little slut.
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Season 3 when
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It's for the better that it doesn't happen.
The end of the TV series provided the best closure possible in anime and the movie was a strawberry on top of an already perfect cake.
If there was another season that'd be like downing some chiffon after a bite of marzipan- would completely spoil the palate.

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>[Moe] LuckyStar [BD][1080p FLAC]
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We're not doing this again.
>10 minutes dedicated to the discussion of the proper etiquette for eating cream-filled baked goods
Truly the Tarantino of anime

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Why is no one talking about Hokuto No Ken??????????
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im still not finished i got 5 episodes left
Because everybody already died in 199X.

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Do the japanese have good taste in Urusei Yatsura episodes?

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Why is this something much more popular than Ikkoku and Ranma? I can never get passed episode 10 or so. Just comes across as homewrecking
For nips it's more popular. Remember Ranma 1/2 bombed in Japan compared to Takashi's other words (but was backed up by the international success). And Maison Ikkoku was too heavy for nips because it was a Seinen.
Your typical otaku has worse taste than any western weeb.

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Hopes for the new series? Personally i want Yusaku to be just like Atem but i wouldn't mind if he becomes Yusei 2.0. Everything but a Yuya 2.0 hell, even a Yuma 2.0 would be better than that.
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I only watched the original Yu Gi Oh and GX. I really like Yuya's design. Is he really shit? That's dissappointing.
He was even worse than shit to be honest

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Are you ready for some more horribly mistranslated Abyss adventures? You'd better be, cause here comes chapter 23.

Hello Abyss - 23 - "Dreadful Experimentation"

"Nnaa~... What's with the sudden, [I'm going to sleep for 2 hours]..."

"His navel looks painful..."
"But it doesn't seem like he's poisoned."

"He's like this because he fired that, huh..."

"I've finally found it, Mitty..."
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"How nice..."

"How nice..."

"If its the bottom of this very earth..."
"I'd like to go..."

"It's an [Abyss] delver!"
"Why is he here?"

"I have devised a way to test a new approach that is yet unswayed by common practices."
"The land of Seleny, essential to the extreme north..."
"I came here looking for children that are suitable to be the next generation, who shall make clear of the Abyss."
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"I am Bondrewd."
"A [white whistle], delver of the Abyss."
"Children who do not falter, even at the prospect of setting foot inside the Abyss, please step forward."

"I actually came here..."

"Come on, let's do it!"

"So there are also others beside me..."
"Shut up!"
"Go away, stupid."

"Now everyone, enter the container."
"Rest assured, my fellow delvers shall also escort you throughout the journey."
Aw yeah, time to get comfy.

What does /a/ think about Casshern Sins?
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What has been everyone's favorite art house anime of 2017?
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Define art house
Hand Shakers made me sick

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Well, that happened.
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Wow, it's ending? i dropped FT on the luxus fight and went to read rave master instead.
Mashima is a fucking talented hack.

Re-reading Yotsuba for the first time in a while, and retroactively realizing what an *asshole* this kid was.

>tells a five-year-old her drawing is shit
>learns she's frightened of a bulls-eye and chases her dressed like one
>"Danbo is dead"

Its funny and all, but what the fuck was her deal?
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She's just a kid having fun in her own way
Good. Someone had to put Yotsuba in her place eventually.
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She's pretty cool in Danbo mode, at least

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new chapter is out

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Well, that was underwhelming
So, does the twin also have an assassin butler?

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Do you think "Molester Man" was ACTUALLY a true story?
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Why wouldn't it be?
Because good things never happen to otaku
I feel like the beginning might have been, because only real life can be that unlucky and strange, but I think it turned into lying on the Internet at some point, possibly around the time he went to Lolis house.

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