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How can flat washing boards even compete?
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Such voluptuous body

This is a definition of a woman
"A fine body does not a best girl make."

-- Abraham Lincoln
Anything on the lolis from Abraham "remove the niggers" Lincoln?

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3x3 Thread
Rate others
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4/5 - boku no hero
Hello friends. Call me crazy but these threads seen to appear more frequently as of late. It sort of diminishes their appeal.

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Fly away little bastard.
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Are they breaking the 4th wall here. The line art filter is looking worse this episode.
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They just need to make a katalina anime spinoff, she's carrying this franchise.

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I'm rewatching Gurren Lagann, just got done with episode 4 and holy fuck I don't remember the animation in that episode being so dogshit.

Look it up and it was a guest director, with regard to reading the fan criticisms, Akai stated that it was "like putting [his] face next to an anus and breathing deeply."

top fucking kek
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Dude that shit was all over the internet, how can you not remember?
>top fucking kek
He was probably only 8 years old back then.
How did you not fucking notice? How did you not notice everyone else complaining about it?

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I think this is worth a conversation. Why does it seem like some people are surprised by a lot of end pairings of main characters? I can't think of a single end pairing for main characters in a battle shounen that was a surprise. The closest, and I'm stretching really hard here, would be that Bulma ended up with Vegeta in DB since that really did kind of come out of nowhere, but by the same token, Goku gets proposed by Chichi? Oh look they got married. Kuririn gets kissed by 18? Oh look they got married. Videl shows a slight interest in Gohan upon first meeting? WOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! Usually this shit is telegraphed a mile away, even as far back as very early chapters.

What I'm wondering is how the fuck is it so hard for people to see through these? These are not meant to be romance epics. They are primarily comics for a young male audience. If they throw a few shippy moments in there, that doesn't mean that this is what the story would focus on. They don't need to. I agree that a lot of these relationships end up feeling shallow without enough buildup but my point is on the actual end pairings themselves. The authors plant this early so they don't have to focus too much on it

I mean, to this day there are people still butthurt that Naruto and Sakura didn't end up together 3 years later and more recently, Ichigo and Rukia when I personally thought it was pretty obvious. There are still people who think Natsu will end up with Lisanna, are you kidding? People actually shocked Alibaba chose Mor? Raku ending up with Chitoge? Diane finally kissing King recently? And my personal favorite, anybody who seriously believes Ochako and Deku isn't written in stone. Show of hands, who seriously thinks Boruto isn't going to end up with Sarada? Like this shit is obvious.

tl;dr, Shounen are predictable with this shit, even in romcoms and harems. So why do people choose to ignore the obvious?
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Here's the foolproof strategy for shounen at least when it comes to the MC in terms of end pairings

1. The first girl to love, properly love, the MC will win
2. Unless that girl is secondary to a more main girl who properly loves the MC, in which case that main girl will win

And I think the reason for this is because really it would be absolutely cruel to fuck over someone who puts their heart out to an MC particularly in battle shounen when lives can be on the line. (speaking of which, if a girl ever does something like pic related, ie, confess while knowing they're gonna die or otherwise indisposed, they will win. This applies to all anime on that note)

I mean, there are three, THREE, new shounen that came out that had the MC crushing on a girl early so there wouldn't be too much doubt (U19, Dr. Stone, Amalgam of Distortion)
And why the fuck did anybody think she had a chance? She wasn't even the second option, she was fourth. Fourth!

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ITT you hear it, you lose
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>Ecchi sukecchi wan tacchi
I lost
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Why do people think this is amazing?
Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed it, the animation was good, it was exciting and the visuals and action were interesting. But I don't get why the story is suppose to be so great.
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It's 2deep4u, don't worry about it kiddo
Most people like what they're told they're supposed to like, and this is a western-friendly and generally well regarded show. You do the math.
it's because pseudo nerd culture eats up anything they're told is good

It's average cyberpunk at best, with hit or miss psychological elements that take the right taste to like

basically >>156234403

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After the disappointment that was IBO (I enjoyed the death scenes in the second half), my friend said the true Gundam was 00. So I watched all 50 episodes just now. And fuck. It was even worse. Walking exposition and idealistic commentary on war all dressed in shitty battles. So I want to understand (no irony), why this is one of the top rated Gundam shows? What made it popular? And what are your thoughts on it?
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I have no idea. I personally thought S2 was awful, and the movie was some bullshit.

It was basically the Church of Scientology's philosophy come to life. Even the worse AU was smart enough not to feature ALIEUMS, because the central drama of man-on-man conflict becomes irrelevant the moment the fucking aliens show up.
>I personally thought S2 was awful
It was watchable but yeah, I wasn't really feeling it either.
I this movie worth watching for completion´s sake? It can not be worse than S2 right?

What the fuck was this guy's problem?
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He was a poorly written antagonist

At least he was entertaining.
Shit writing.

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Its Yui Funami's birthday today /a/. Say something nice about her.
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I love Yui and I want to smell her!
most boring character in the series.

Akiha > Ciel > Arcueid > Hisui > Kohaku >>> Satsuki.And I don't know about Aoko.
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Arc >*
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Arc > Akiha >> Kohaku > Hisui >> Satsuki > Ciel.

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>summon Average High Schooler from Modern Japan (tm) to save your isekai
>accidentally summon his best friend too
>turns out his best friend is a 超TUEEEE magician from Modern Japan (tm) who can BTFO everyone in this world
So we've gone past handing out cheat skills to summoned heroes?
Now they're just OP from the get go, no cheats needed?
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The end result is the same, anon.
I remember this.
Gave me Akashic Records vibes.
Isn't that the one where MC's magic is completely useless against the demons they're actually supposed to fight? I recall some people being really pissed off by that twist.

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Please don't break what's left of her heart.
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I want to Bully the owls with my superior human intelligence but make it up later by making them something nice
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I want shoebill to break my hips.

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I thought Japan hated foreigners?
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They love Hawaii.
So they bombs it hard?

'Villains' that did nothing wrong.
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>enslaving people is fine

Aside from the moral implications of such an act, badly regulated slavery markets tend to create unbeatable competition with the regularly paid working classes that also exist in such a society, which creates political and social unrest which then leads to the destabilisation of an empire, in turn creating an economy that benefits nobody except a minority of wealth elites.

Don't do slavery, kids.

>dirty evil demons
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>tells the gods to fuck off and takes their powers
>makes the demons his literal bitches
How can one man be so based ?

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