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>opening is reused footage from the show
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when will we get a trailer for this?
Lovely Complex
Would you rather have an opening of things that never happen in the show?

What's wrong with this girl?
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Absolutely fucking nothing.
Not married, pregnant and a housewife.
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she's not real

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Read the guide before asking any questions.
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Nodoka is a big girl.
>breasts bigger than her head
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Wait, what?
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I asked myself the same. Did I miss something?
Finally got the first FAVAROO

They'll probably explain it, a decade has been since the first season.
Maybe it was just a mistranslation?

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post this on saturday night.jpg
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Its Saturday Night, how are you doing?
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Doing fine. Watching the Rangers hopefully move on to the next round.

What does /a/ think of Birdy?
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OVA was pretty good, TV show was mediocre
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TV show is my favorite anime. amazing in every way
I've only ever heard mixed-to-good things about it.

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I'm bored so I'm going to dump cute teachers doing cute things
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Thanks to everyone involved, this time it's the Lucky Channel theme from you know what.
As usual we need anything that makes sound, if you play anything (especially a flute) please consider taking a part or two, things are organized at http://jibunwooo.com/
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Third album when?
June 30th, like the previous years.
>Lucky Star was 10 years ago

This girl eats books.
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The first episode was one of the worst first episodes I've ever seen but I gave it a chance and the last two have been great. Thank you based Passione for the season's only CGDCT.
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I want to procreate with this bunny
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This girl also has good a good sense of fashion.

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I don't speak korean.

Why did they write イ the wrong way.

I just don't get it.
It's been a few millennia by this point, be happy they got the katakana that accurate at all

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Truly the Hero we have all been waiting for.
Chapter 88.5 and 89 are out
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Why do all the good series have to be plagued with shitty ESL translators like this?
>Oh no… Criminale ended…
it did?
That did not seem like an ending. What the fuck.

A lot of people who do series even when they have English as a first language don't really bother with how it sounds/reads as long as it translates well enough.

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>No Steph in upcoming movie
It's going to be shit right?
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Considering the source material, yes.
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Steph (ancestor) will be there.
It's going to be NGNL in name only. Literally nothing that was good in the first season will be carried over.

So I recently rewatched all episodes up until Koimonogatari, and I was surprised to find that by doing so I noticed just how likable and good character Senjougahara actually is. Especially that face she makes when trying to hide her tears after talking to Kaiki

It however also confirmed that my one true love in Monogatari will always be Snek

Post some more Crab, my folder for her is unjustly small
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>"cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck."
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>It however also confirmed that my one true love in Monogatari will always be Snek

Literally how. She is the shittiest girl of the series
Why, because she isn't after Araragi's dick?

Why is no one talking about this?
I've seen ads for this anime everywhere around the metro in tokyo. It seemed like it had a huge promo campaign.
I'll admit that I did not watch it myself but someone must have.

Is it really that shitty?
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Everyone's butthurt over having a male mc
I guess it's lacking cute little girls
Everyone watched the first 2 episodes last season, the real thing starts today.

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Date Pending.



Also Lucifer thread
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Will secondaries ruin future threads like they always do?
I know.

I tried reading this years ago because of /a/ but couldn't get into it. I don't remember how far I got, but it just didn't seem special.

I'm willing to give it a second shot. What makes it stand out? I can't even remember if it was a shounen or not. There was something about destroying the world is all I remember.

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