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Pudding did nothing wrong.
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Sanji's wife is cute! CUTE!
>"lol ur eye looks dumb"

Way to overreact. Unrealistic character.


How do you say this?

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Remember to cum inside Hisu!
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Ymir is my favorite shingeki
what if he get pargent from cummies
When will Levong die?

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Transformers spin-off confirmed
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*Beats Wars
Might as well post the Japanese version

I actually liked the song
That looks fucking horrifying desu

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By Erinyes:
- Ray noticed that there's no under 4 years there.
- Flashback : Don & Gilda reports that all 5 years and+ are into the plan , Emma asked how to do do to escape with everyone. It was asked if children of others plants will be included.
- Emma asked to bring Phil, she explained him everything.
- Phil was aware of everything
- She asked him what to do whether to escape with everyone or to leave under 4y.
- it's estimated that shipping can be delay up to 2 years even if older are no longer there.
- Phil chose to wait here.
- Emma swore they ll come to free all of them before they ll get shipped.
- So phil brought mama to the forest where all under 4 were safely evacuated.
- She understood that only 5y+ have gone.
By BasedAnon:
Gilda only asks if they should free the kids from the other plants as well. They never actually show what Emma answers as she tells Gilda to get Phil.
Isabella brought a suitcase like device with her (as we see last chapter). It was a transceiver. Emma closed the keyhole to the basement with glue, so Isabella has to use this device instead then the transceiver in the basement. Isabella's thoughts: That was such a waste of time. (refering to getting the suitcase and running around with it instead of just being able to use the basement.)
Mama uses the transceiver in the basement to report the escape. An alarm sound echos through the entire facility.
Demon: Except the Special ones, I don't care who you kill. Seize 'em immediately.
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ITT: Best characters in their respective series
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pure waifu.png
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I approve of your tastes.

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Chapter soon.

KR scans: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/eGeMVSFPLJg
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I wonder if Hori choose the team this arc based on this cover, or if this cover was foreshadowing this arc
Foreshadowing u dumb fuck. Wirters usually plan what their gonna do before they do it cunt.
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>tfw your husbando is more famous than you

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Musubi connects us all
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does it connect me and mitsuha
It can, but it will break faster depending on whether she cares or not.
i want to connect my lips to hers

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Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.

Press her up against the wall not letting her feet touch the ground
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Sagiri got exposed as being a big girl, nothing tiny about her.
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epic forced meme
The MC is such a fag.
>lol Ill let my 10yo sister close herself in a room for a year, is not like that could fuck over a young girl for life lel

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talk about OAD 2
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Monmusu is old and busted! No one cares anymore and there will never be a season 2. Do you wish it was 2015 again?
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Cropped anon
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she's cute, CUTE!
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Don't you forget about me. You may forget Nono but not me.
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I thought we had something special, Chiya.
You made me feel things I never knew I could feel.
I thought you felt the same... but you discarded me like a dirty dish rag the moment you were done with me.
I wish I could scrub every memory of you from my mind and heart, but I still love you.
I think I always will.
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How can you ntr the same body twice?
Who's that?
Is Kon actually jealous because that would mean she canonically has feelings for Chiya?

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Whatis her endgame?
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She seems like the type of person that would be good with a son but terrible with a daughter.
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First the T

Then...the D!

This dorky chuuni is CUUUTE
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>looks like the half-ghost dork
>is also a dork
What could this mean?

She's already pregnant.
Fucking slut.
Why does she wear the mask?

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Why haven't you watched the most influential anime since Evangelion? Are you stupid?
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I don't watch shit anime.
I don't watch good anime.
But OP wasn't talking about Evangelion.

Dunno why they make such a big deal out of him failing the test twice, Naruto failed three times and then managed to graduate in chapter 1.
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Makes me wonder why this guy was made to be so much older than the rest
He's older, but he's also a tall kid and it makes sense considering he's a power type.
Because they're dumb fucking kids who probably don't know or believe history. They probably think Naruto was always some badass with a nuclear fox inside him and not some whiny homosexual runt

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