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I'm leaving this Revy with you for a sec just don't post anything stupid while I'm gone ok?

be right back
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I'm scared anon, Plise come back.
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I want to bully that Revy!
Balalaika is better

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Precure thread
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>One, Mana needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.
>Two, whenever Mana is not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Mana"?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when such an image is shown?
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>Both animal ears and human ears
For what purpose?
Who was the mysterious mage who rescued her?
They're ribbons.

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painful death.jpg
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Reminder that Reiner will die by Erens hands and not by getting eating by random new characters.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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smug titan.jpg
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Have you guys considered the possibility of letting one shifter getting eaten on the island outside the walls, and immediately also getting eaten by another mindless titan, making him a shifter, and repeating that cycle of bad luck until all mindless titans are dead and only one lucky person comes out alive as a shifter?
All mindless titans on Paradi are already dead.

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Guide: buyfags.moe
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Figures for sale, discount for buyf/a/gs
Do any of you buy Japanese CDs?
I am curious about starting a CD collection. I would quite like to have physically own a bunch since seeing the covers and disc feels nice.
>unstrung Gibson
>bridge isn't falling off
>those fret markers

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Why Diana is so popular ? She just simply Hot as fuck, end of story.

Yoshinari interview from Animage about the second cour :

>Yoshinari says that the second OP/ED spoil everything so there isn't a lot he can say, Yoshinari likes spoilery OP/EDs because they get people excited
>Yoshinari identifies the most with the TV incarnation of Chariot/Ursula because he also has low self-esteem but younger animators really admire him so that lets him keep going
>the animation allegory still applies, sometimes he wonders if he made it too obvious with the introduction of Croix
>he knows people have been waiting for Akko and Diana entanglement since the first OVA and says the AkkoDiana arc is coming
>rewatch episode 8 after watching episode 16 and you will notice something new about Sucy

Take with a pinch of salt
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sucy wtf.png
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>rewatch episode 8 after watching episode 16 and you will notice something new about Sucy
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ursula ntr'd 2.jpg
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>ywn be Croix
>ywn tie Ursula up in her room and cast a sound and invisibility spell on her
>ywn use a metamorphosis spell on yourself to make yourself like Ursula
>ywn invite Akko to Ursula's observatory
>ywn confess to Akko that you're Chariot
>ywn watch Akko's amazed and confused face when you transform into Chariot
>ywn feel Akko's excitement as she comes up to hug you
>ywn see a bound and gagged Ursula at the corner of your eye protesting vehemently at the situation
>ywn tell Akko that you know a way to unlock her hidden potential
>ywn undress Akko slowly and feel her supple and smooth skin
>Yywn lay her in bed and hear her whimper in protest but quickly quiets down
>ywn molest Akko in front of Ursula
>ywn kiss Akko's neck as she gives out muffled moans of ecstasy
>ywn play with her perky breasts and feel them stiffen up
>ywn move down to her pink Shiny Chariotâ„¢ panties and slowly peel them off
>ywn dangle her panties in front of Akko and watch her face turn beet-red from embarrassment
>ywn proceed to pleasure her by mound and hear her whimper your name
>"Chariot... will this really make me a better witch?"
>ywn reassure her as you increase the tempo and feel her back arch from pleasure
>ywn sense her reaching climax and feel her tiny body shudder
>ywn feel Akko pass out from pleasure in your arms
>ywn walk over to Ursula and throw Akko's panties at her
>ywn remove her gag and thrust your hand, still wet from Akko's pussy juices, into her mouth
>ywn see Chariot crying and notice a puddle of her own pussy juices on the chair
>"That's what you get for saying 'no', Chariot."

Why even live?
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10 bucks says it's another fetish.

>they are called samurai
>their behavior and tactics are ninja
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>called "Ronin Warriors"
>are actually Samurai Troopers

They actually ARE ninja in the Japanese I believe, but to be fair they wear armor, and that's decidedly more samurai-esque.
>character got injured/sick
>actually got dead

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This is your sensei tonight.
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she looks too young
That's a very puffy vulva.

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I just watched the first story arc of this.

... I feel sick, disgusted, and disturbed. I'm an HSP and get upset easily, but this was just off the charts gratuitous. I feel like I'm running a fever.

Tell me this is the worst Higurashi gets? If not, I might have to sit this one out despite it being a 4chan classic.
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the fucks an HSP? you shouldnt watch higurashi cause its a badly adapted unfinished pile of shit that gives you none of the answers you actually want.
Did you not watch kai?
>a 4chan classic

What did he mean by this?

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What's the next anime trend once the Isekai meme dies out?
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There is literally nothing wrong with that image.
escapism where you insert as the pathetic father of some cute girl
Isn't the Gantz mangaka doing that with the old man manga he's doing?

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What is the appeal of Junko Enoshima, and a more serious question: are Juzo Boys still alive?
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Juzoboys never die.
Her innocence.

Why was anime so much more detailed in the past than it is today?
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Good animators.
Lot of time.
A lot of reasons
Twas the style of the time.

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Lolicons are a mistake.
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Lolis are the bigger mistake, though.
is that Anime good?
Sauce, am pleb

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Was he actually evil?
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no, just really cute.
>Not taking each anime for what is an understanding its themes despite personally disagreeing with them.
But if I saw him in real life I'd cheer for him.
Objectively yes.

>literal sociopath
>doesn't care what happens to his test subjects as long as goals are advanced
the above can be argued to death, but...

>anti-entropy goals are met at a steady pace thanks to Madokami
>he's impatient and decides to screw Homuhomu over just to satisfy curiosity about Madokami / speed things up a bit
Kyubey's kind don't even have the redeeming virtue of "but we're trying to save the universe" to counter the inhumane treatment of other sapients. They had that goal achieved, but decided dickery was more valuable than success, so there goes that excuse.

Definitely evil.

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How does /a/ feel about Cardfight Vanguard?
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It's pretty fun. Nightrose best cardfu.
Buddyfight is better
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best vanguards.jpg
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Asymmetrical twins best vanguards.

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